Travel With A PURPOSE | Long Term Travel Tips

Travel With A PURPOSE | Long Term Travel Tips

Long term travel tips! Today I explain what you need to do to make sure you dont burn out traveling long term! My main focus is that you need to travel with a purpose otherwise you’ll go crazy! I hope you enjoy these Long term travel tips! please comment any other tips you think should be included in this video!
Happy Monday!
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Stefan Vogels says:

As always, great video mate. And thanks for answering my question from a few video's back. I have another one 🙂
Will you also make a video with tips about documenting/vlogging on a journey? Cheerz

Koen Ruigrok says:

Thank you so much for awnsering my question 🙂 it helps a lot!
I will arrive in Vietnam at the 11th of April and will stay for about two months 🙂 looking forward to drive in the rain haha

suu razz says:

👌👍 2nd 😊 when are you comming nepal?🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

Dim do says:

Okayyy Im here early. 1st comment. Please ❤ this Ryan.

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