TRAVEL the WORLD on MOTORCYCLE, Asia Minor – Turkey to Iraq!

TRAVEL the WORLD on MOTORCYCLE, Asia Minor  – Turkey to Iraq!

Motorcycle travel around the world through beautiful Turkey, from Istanbul to Iraq.


In this riding compilation of the motorcycle adventure ride around the world we ride from the city of Istanbul in Turkey to the eastern end of the country and cross the border into northern Iraq.

The ride starts in Turkey and progresses along the west coast and inland south only to follow the southern Turkish coast later on. A Turkey motorcycle tour! Starting out in Istanbul and going through cities like Izmir, Selcuk, Pamukkale, Kash, Antalya, Mersin and Nusaybin. Along beautiful regions western and southern Turkish coast and in to the beautiful highlands of eastern Turkey. My favorite part of this stint of the motorcycle trip around the world was the trip to Ephesus (no video unfortunately) and Nemrut.

A few years before I did a return trip to Istanbul on the same motorbike but this time we just kept on riding east and actually doing some off-road riding. Also during my previous travels I have done a lot riding on lighter bikes in Asia. In Turkey we are back on the Asian continent and there is so much cultural history here already: Greek, Roman, Persian and more. The region is also known as Asia Minor or Anatolia. Great country for motorcycle touring.

In the next riding compilation we’ll continue the ride around the world in Iraq through the north also known as Iraqi Kurdistan.

My name is Pedro Mota and back in 2014 I left the Netherlands on a beautiful Honda Transalp XL600v motorcycle on a trip to the east end of Russia in Vladivostok. On the way there I would take a big detour through the Middle East, Central Asia and Mongolia. Little did I know back then that this would evolve into a motorcycle ride around the world!



potskifilms says:

Nice one Pedro; must be good to look back on your past travels yourself. Ride safe

shkaruwa says:

Except for geography, best thing about Turkey is at 4:20. Still be careful on traffic in Turkey because many drivers do not care of bikers. Have a nice trip.

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