Travel Plans & Snow Storm

Travel Plans & Snow Storm

My name is Mike and I travel around with my dog Sober in my 2014 home built truck camper living on the road. Her name has nothing to do with drinking, it is her personality. She is always calm and Sober!

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Gopro Hero 3 Silver, Gopro Hero 3 White, Polaroid Handheld 3-axis Electric Gimbal, Adobe Premiere Pro editing software, various lapel mics wireless.

I got my dog named Sober in Slab City in 2013. Her name was Sober when I got HER. It has nothing to do with drinking. It’s just her personality.

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Debbie Amley says:

Michigan weather is good right now it was 55 degree's today..

muzzy 420 says:


Pam Duncan says:

East will be really cool, seems like most RV'ers on TY do the West and Southwest, and then the Pacific Northwest but rarely do you see good trips through the Northeast. Sober needs a sweater though. I would go South first and at around Virgina start heading north up the east coast. The historic landmarks in Virginia alone are fantastic

Brodyho122 says:

after watching this I googled whether or not the cold would bother the chickens feet…..I does not. I love the internet.

Jonathan Hansen says:

I hate snow. I hate driving in it. I hate digging my car out of it. I don’t go places where it happens, when it happens, anymore. Haven’t owned, or put on a set of chains in 40 years.

K.C . Maring says:

I'll give you $6,000 for the truck and camper and two hamburgers

darcy bauer says:

Yep, south and then up the East Coast. Best weather chances plus the Northeast like New Jersey is gorgeous in fall. Thanks Mike, nice video.

Bev R says:

Beautiful place Mike……Love the snow……be careful and stay safe 🤗

Dream Weaver says:

Seven Wanders the World and Timothy Keller Van Dweller both use the Wave series heaters.

Troy Mcdonald says:

I’m from Chicago and the salmon swim from the Atlantic. 4 years ago in Lake Michigan and I caught a 43 lb lake trout (a hybrid). I moved from San Francisco and I’m sure there was still some fish in the fridge!
Have fun!

cookie corrieri says:

Looking good Mike, you look like you lost weight, but you don;t seen all that happy, catch a big fish, and go tooling around, that will make you smile. Sure hope you head for where the crabs are, not grumpy people, but the kind you eat., would love to see some of the sites. Been all over US but never got to Vermont, love to just sit and eat crab, for a week or more…Stay warm and safe, always thumbs up you, even when your in a rant…LOL

Travis D says:

will you take 2k for sober?

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