The ONLY Foreigners on a LOCAL Filippino Cargo ship – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep2 – Manila to Coron

The ONLY Foreigners on a LOCAL Filippino Cargo ship – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep2 – Manila to Coron

FOREIGNER in the PHILIPPINES Ep2 – Why take a quick flight when you can take an interesting 18-hour boat ride with a bunch of Filippino locals?!

In this episode, we travel from Manila to Coron by boat. But it’s not just any boat, we found a cargo ship to catch a ride with some Filippino locals.

Upon arriving in Coron, we don’t have any accommodations set, so we continue to explore for a place to stay. We end the day with a dip in the beautiful local hot springs.

In the next episode, we rent a private boat and explore the local area around Coron and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL!



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Counting Islands says:

Awesome, bruh😀. @ 8:25 Thanks for making my comment one of your favs in the last video!😎

pv20ft6 says:

Dude, Nice video. Gonna try that journey out

Divert Living says:

the raw happiness in this video makes you who you are. Amazing start to the trip! Keep it up!

Divert Living says:

Congrats on 5k homie the skys the limit in the Philippines!

jimmy whang says:

new subscriber here.

khant kohlaing says:

It is awesome, Steve. I can't help watching your new videos. Great time there!

Gus Sanz says:

Congratulations you hit 5k subscribers!!!! The sky is the limit…

flip pish says:

tao tour more amazing 🙂

Jax Gawili says:

Get the TAO tour it is really amazing!

Paolo T says:

It's more fun in the Philippines 🙂 amazing vlog steve..

Mom&son says:

You will get thousands of Filipino subscribers for sure..enjoy ur travel, stay safe and keep smiling

Wolfpack Airsoft Michigan says:

Dude this is so amazing man! I keep loving and loving your videos! They just keep getting better and better man!

Tanner says:

Always excited for your vlogs!

franciss serrano says:

5k subs! Keep it up! Since you are in the Philippines, that will double in a matter of weeks.☺

Eric Sapil says:

Finally you've made it

Pedro Ramil Declaro says:

Please visit Alabat Island in Quezon province….

Pedro Ramil Declaro says:

nice one Steve!!!

WarEagleTimeMachine says:

4:12 … high five Steve…high five.

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