Samaria (Crete) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Samaria (Crete) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Samaria in Crete.
The western region of Crete is the most mountainous and untouched part of the island which is mainly due to the Samaria Canyon, Europe’s longest canyon that is also famous for its magnificent scenery and exceptional natural beauty.In order to protect the canyon whose entrance lies on the southern side of the Omalos Plateau, the Samaria National Park was founded in 1962. Over four hundred and fifty different types of plants, among them seventy varieties that are unique to the region, make Samaria an even more remarkable and unique natural habitat.In antiquity the island’s splendid trees, including Cypress, Pine and Crete Maple, were transported to the Greek mainland.One of the most famous inhabitants of Samaria Canyon is the Crete bezoar goat that is also known as the kri-kri. The surrounding rocks are home to a total of thirty different species of bird among them such endangered species as the eagle, hawk, wild goose and bearded vulture. Kissed by the Greek sunshine beneath a clear blue sky the original beauty of Samaria Canyon is indeed a true natural wonder.

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