Paddington 2 – Home Entertainment Announce

Paddington 2 – Home Entertainment Announce

A glorious day! Own the critically acclaimed #Paddington2 on Digital 3/27 and on Blu-ray™ 4/24.



Jakob McDonough says:

WBHE, you guys and DC Comics should make a direct-to-DVD 2D animated movie starring both Starfire and Raven about them looking after Starfire's sister, Blackfire, so she won't cause any chaos upon the world. This direct-to-DVD animated movie also needs to be exclusively for the older audiences because there's a scene in the movie where Blackfire sexually seduce Raven that leads to the, if not, THE most jaw-dropping exotic lesbian sex scene to date in the history of lesbian sex scenes ever seen in a Warner Bros Home Entertainment/DC Comics direct-to-DVD animated movie that'll blow everybody away every time they watch the movie.

Clash With Theo says:

Oh fuck you little bear :)))

Zoe Creates says:

It looks so good 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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