NFL Competition Committee Says Dez Bryant Catch Was Complete | SI Wire | Sports Illustrated

NFL Competition Committee Says Dez Bryant Catch Was Complete | SI Wire | Sports Illustrated

Giants owner John Mara says the NFL competition committee appears to have to a unanimous conclusion that the controversial catch calls involving Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson should have been ruled complete, according to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert.
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NFL Competition Committee Says Dez Bryant Catch Was Complete | SI Wire | Sports Illustrated



god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP says:


NotYourAverageTomat O says:

Rodgers still would've took em downfield

Damien Butler says:

Crazy that it took them this long to see that was a catch

Clifford Waite says:

Who cares anymore. They will just change their mind yet again along with the rules.

Mark Johnson says:

Everybody but the refs knew that Dez caught it. We got robbed but that's the NFL, which stands for not for long when it comes to viewers of the game. Still pathetic.

Jonathan Griffith says:

Yeah, oh well. Now going forward, there MUST be no call to contradict this decision, meaning catches like this MUST be called complete.

Cristian Seitz says:

And the imaculate reception was actually a drop. And I didn't really steal my buddy's beer. And I did pull out soon enough. And no one cares!

Kekistani Umbreon says:

Too little, too late

some body says:

Boycott NFL.

Greenblood60 says:

Oh that has to sting Cowboy fans, especially after watching the refs get it right when it really mattered…when the Eagles were in the Super Bowl.

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!! Fly Eagles Fly !!!!!

Vicki Woodard says:

No kidding. I have been saying this since it happened. That call was the worst of all time, made simply to benefit Aaron Fraudgers. Has to be the biggest reason that Bryant, who is fragile mentally, has declined so much as a player. And I loathe the Cowboys, just not as deeply as the most coddled team in sports, Green Bay.

Israel Olide says:

Which catch? This past season? /Sarcasm. I thought we are in 2018 now. Why TF does it matter.

Brock Page Productions says:


Roy Smothers says:

lots of room for corrupt officials

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