Mexico City Nightlife: ZONA ROSA — Mexico Travel Vlog #11

Mexico City Nightlife: ZONA ROSA — Mexico Travel Vlog #11

Mexico City’s Zona Rosa neighbourhood is known for a few things – being gay-friendly, having delicious Korean food, and NIGHTLIFE!

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In this video we take a look at Zona Rosa, as well as Reforma, where we visit El Angel de Independencia — one of Mexico City’s most famous landmarks. After that we go for some Korean food – a speciality of Zona Rosa.

So sit back and enjoy this visit to one of Mexico City’s most famous party neighbourhoods!



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The New Travel says:

Where is your favourite neighbourhood in Mexico City for late-night fun?

Centeno says:

Yuck Dominos, very pro-Trump. The places that are good places for partying are Condesa and Roma Norte.

Fernando Esparza says:

You should go to the Basilica of Guadalupe!!

Du da says:

You should probably work on your pronunciation in spanish. You ponounce spanish words as if they were english :'D

Eduardo F says:

Zona Rosa, Centro Histórico (Specially Regina and Garibaldi), Roma, Narvarte, Polanco, Condesa, Coyoacán, Nápoles-Insurgentes, Satélite, Del Valle and Santa Fe are (in that order) probably the neighborhoods with the best Nightlife in Mexico City! But each one has a special style and is for a different kinds of tastes!

Novapatra ́s weird sex face says:

6:07 that girl on the back was checking you out you big hunk of a man oh you stud XD

jasonrazojazo Jazo says:

I travel vicariously through your videos. Nice job!

Dr Worst says:

Polanco,Coyoacan,Roma,Condesa ,downtown Mexico city and ciudad satelite have great night life ,too.

Henry Michael says:

Your awesome dude I enjoy your video's keep the good vlogs coming.

Crimson says:

I really love your videos, Please keep up this great work, youll be bigger then all these other youtubers soon

alexander freiman says:

orale que buen ambiente el ver las calles de la ciudad de mexico de noche y mas de la zona rosa, dime visitaste Coyoacan o hiciste un video de ahi???

rako007 says:

Están shidos tus videos, you rock

Ricardo Huerta Serna says:

You should try "Garibaldi" plaza, there is also a good party zona, there's actually more Mexican style.

Delia Bogner says:

What place was that?. I can recommend Coyoacán, there's a lot of night life there

Here Be Barr says:

I never did explore Zona Rosa at night. I was super lazy and just went out in Condesa/Roma Norte when I lived there. That time lapse at 4:10.. THAT's where it's at !!

J R says:

I'm from Mexico City and I love your blogs and the way you show the city as well! I'm glad you both are having a good time here 🙂

Ivan Espinosa says:

Another good zone is "Regina" Street near to the zócalo.

Alezzandra Guerrero says:

Visit Xochimilco is a very representative place of Mexico and it's easy to get there by metro.

Alfredo Velázquez says:

It would be nice if you come to Santa Fe, try it, specially to the La Mexicanas Park. Just come to "metro Tacubaya" or "Balderas" and take a bus to Santa Fe, easy.
Santa Fe is a pretty nice zone where you can found a lot of nice places to visit and take pictures, videos or just go to take a walk.
Also if you came in car is for the best, in that case you can wait to the night fall and see a really cool view of La Mexicana Park.

PocoLoco says:

Years ago I was there eating in Popeyes :p

PocoLoco says:

Moctezuma revenge on your girlfriend?

Roy Almarazco says:

Love your vlogs.

Manuel Velasco says:

You have to take Nari to that restaurant to see if The food taste anything like the one in Korea.

Istiban Morales says:

Your vlogg is making a difference on whether to move to CDMX or not, thanks for the experience!

Diego A. Huerta González says:

buen video, esta chevere bro!

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