Men’s Hockey Recap: USA 2, Slovenia 3 (OT)

Men’s Hockey Recap: USA 2, Slovenia 3 (OT)

Jan Mursak scored the OT winner, his second goal of the game, to give Slovenia a 3-2 win over Team USA.



Jason Schroeder says:

I love Slovenia

# Frostflame says:

Whoever didn’t let NHL players play in the Olympics, fuck you.

Andrew Follett says:

Thats a choke. Score 6. You have a 2-0 lead and you take the foot off the gas. Classic mistake. They don't even want to win.

Alon Vexler says:

This probably wouldn't happened if there was NHL players.

BrianBRYZNASTY says:

Where’s the damn defense?? If Slovenia can go to the net at will then what’s going to happen against the better teams?

Aziz Shavershian says:

We need Gordon Bombay.

Brian Byrnes says:

Looks like I’m gonna be focusing on the women’s team 👌

TheWakeUp says:

C-H-U-M-P-S…..chumps chumps chumps

networkdeath1 says:

This clearly means Americans are racist for not having transvestites and women on the white man’s team. Appalling! Si se puede!!!!!
– Liberal stooges

Brandon Camoss says:

Clay Thompas

ClayDog says:

So bad….need NHL players back…if you are going to go against the best players in the world you need our top guys

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