MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I West Ham v. Watford

MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I West Ham v. Watford

West Ham pulled level with Watford in the table and moved farther from the relegation zone with a 2-0 win over the Hornets in Round 27.



Heavybomber says:

This comment section is aids

hector Bravo says:

Lmao the way arnautovic shoves chicarito outta the way during the celebration.

The Brown Mamba 27 says:

What were the black armbands for?

Orion Waight says:

Arnautavić is the most under rated player in the prem

CursxR says:

Woah what a surprise… when you play chicha he scores…

Sean James says:

Beautiful 3pts #COYI

Simplo Simplo says:

I hate watford, fucking team with their shit jersey…fuck uuuu yeaaaah, im a chelsea fan bitch dont reply if u desagree

Rafa YouTube says:

Chicharito! Chicharito! Chicharito! 👏👏👏

That's me in the profile picture says:

How did we lose to Watford….

Feras Kai says:

Here comes all of the dirty mexicans

Jon Correa says:

Chicarrito is terrible at passing and his vision is below par. That's why he's not a midfielder .. lol

Zack Funaro says:

Chicharito far more better than Pulishit

Papi Chulo says:

eres un pendejo chicharo era doblete invecil

Junior Sanchez says:

Chicharito still waking up, this aint nothing yet hummers!

Jayme Chavez says:

Chicharito still scoring goals no matter what club

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