MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I Southampton v. Liverpool

MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I Southampton v. Liverpool

Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah found the back of the net as Liverpool earned a 2-0 away win over Southampton.



George Hatton says:

Lallana needs to bury those. The best do…

Ricardo Apparicio says:

Firmino 1goal assist and many other good plays. Not my favorite red but today played like a champion

awychoi says:

We can use more of the same performance from Karius. He did everything right this game. Saints were very wasteful given the possession that they enjoyed. At the end, it all comes down to the split second genius from Salah and Firmino. Welldone lads.

AH5 _ says:

Lalanas haircut though πŸ˜‚

Walter L says:

Great performance by Karius again definitely should start against Porto this coming Wednesday 🀘🏽 #YNWA

serialkilla23 says:

This is How to play salah…mourinho

Damian Salinas says:

Haha southampton fans booed Van Dijk but then got scored moments later.

Saso Gonzales says:

Good thing Mourinho isn’t the manager at LFC or else Mane would have been traded or bench

μ‹œμ•„κ°€λ₯΄ says:

it was such a boring game

Mazdak Mina says:

PS: 2:032:12 If Mane's shot had gone in there, after the double-stepover from Salah and Wijnaldum, that would've been both epic, and potentially another goal of the season candidate!

GamingWith Geo says:

Swear we have too many Southampton players πŸ˜‚

filimon berihu says:

Lol Liverpool academy vs Liverpool first team

ChroNiC AbDU says:

Karius is quite good tbh

Nick Diem says:

Liverpool vs Liverpool B team

Eduardo Lopez says:

I’m first πŸ‘Œ

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