Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok — Tribute to Kirby (Bonus Feature)

Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok — Tribute to Kirby (Bonus Feature)

You can see more bonus features when you bring home “Thor: Ragnarok” on Digital in HD and 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere on February 20 and 4K Ultra HD™ and Blu-ray™ on March 6.

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Ajit Pai says:

Its a shame jack never got to saw what his creation came to be

Zahir Sookoor says:

Pay tribute by compensating his family and inheritors well!!! Not having his art in film that you have extorted to make money for you and your greedy corporations!


Прикольное видео) на моём канал есть похожие, советую посмотреть)

Psycho Pogo says:

please do it that would be vee.g. usefhl

Psycho Pogo says:

hey marvel why don't you just upload all marvel moviwe from iron man 1 online in YouTube so fans can sèe not th latest ones but atleast the old ones iron man1 incredible hilk iron man 2 iron man 3 captain America fieat avenger winter soldier Thor 1 Thor dark world and all movies till phase 2 ends

Ahmed Shahad says:

If in next infinity war trailer, if u don't show Thanos pulling a planet from the orbit and throwing scene, I will riot.

Black Ice says:

Ragnarok sucked balls! Don't let this man direct another Marvel movie!

Master B33f says:

Is this going to be on the bluray or something exclusive for lets say target stores only?

Anonimus XD says:

Y el muevo trailer de infinity war???

Jaime Garcia says:

Can send me the infinity war trailer in my inbox plox :'v?
Marvel Please


They did a very good job on this tribute to Kirby

It's a shame the New Gods from Justice League look like Alien from Ridley Scott. It's an awesome design too, but it's not Kirby's Fourth World. They are not gods, they are aliens. At least, the Unity concept, Steppenwolf overacting and Parademons are very Kirby.

Mr. Steal an Fucks your Country in the Ass. says:

So colorful sets are a tribute to him?

John Smith says:

Only good thing bout the movie

Baron Saladfork Familiar says:

Done better than Marvel Comics.

Ricardo Moreira says:

Where is the infinity war trailer?

Everton D'Sousa says:


spectre says:

Quiero ver el trailer

Chris Atherton says:

Give us the second Sunday infinity war trailer!!!!

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