Jon Jones Right After Getting His License Revoked | TMZ Sports

Jon Jones Right After Getting His License Revoked | TMZ Sports

Jon Jones is officially BANNED from fighting in California … at least for now … after the California Athletic Commission revoked his fight license over a positive steroids test at UFC 214.


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waalex11 says:

Poor Jones. Fuck the haters.

DJ C says:

Jon was probably crying

Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT says:

Jon is trash. Steroid bum.

The Truth says:

You suck tmz scumbag, give the man a damn minute. Snakes.

Shamas Aaishah says:

Fuck usada this guy is the greatest UFC of all time … period

Razear says:

Maybe the UFC can hire him as a towel boy to clean up the blood in between rounds. 😂

Babyballs says:

haha what a cheater

Nad Rok says:

But i was just eatin fruit loops and somebody filled the box with dick pills cocaine and steroids I swear it wasn't me I'm not a cereal offender

nafis fuad says:

are you back Junky??!!!

Some Sports Show says:

What a scoop.

alioune Wiley says:

As soon as he come from the meeting TMZ reporters come out of nowhere

free bones says:

So messed up man free the goat💯💯

9527 says:

Great conversation. Very insightful.

H Lee says:

Look at all these racist Nazi bastards.
Nobody has consumed more PEDS than Chael whiteboy Sonnen. And you racists ain’t judging him. All white fighters take PEDS too. You think cause they pass USADA tests they don’t take em. Haha.
Believe that and I have a bridge I wanna sell you.

Mac Attack says:

Keep partying and doing drugs you messed up ur career

Jarom C says:

Jon got what he deserves. BAN

RTBhero31 says:

Tmz are Fucking cockroaches my god

Psycho Tony says:

I was hoping he would give the camera guy a world famous eye poke.

MiNuSx31 says:

Atleast he doesnt go play fight in the WWE like Rhonda lmao…

JB says:

Good interview

Mykamania says:

Go to WWE for that 💰

Vi3tKid420 says:

if only he head kicked the TMZ idiot

Gghh Johns says:

Let the goat back in the cage😈😈😈

ASH 92 says:

well deserved, cheater!

Ryan Whitelaw says:

Most pointless thing ever

D Rek Da Hitman says:

still in denial

James_art says:

At least you tried..

乇volve Outdoors says:

Roid match Lesnar Jones

乇volve Outdoors says:

Lance Armstrong of MMA rip Junkie

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