Incredible Nature at Mount St Helens! ⛰(Washington State Travel Vlog)

Incredible Nature at Mount St Helens! ⛰(Washington State Travel Vlog)

Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980 creating an entirely new landscape to the area, and a huge draw for tourism in Washington State.

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mermaid000pranu says:

this vlog is visually pleasing!
absolute perfection!

patu8010 says:

I just watched some videos about the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Goddamn. Thousands of animals and 57 people died across a radius of miles and miles, and the scenery was changed for good. Really speaks to the magnitude of it all.

Jessica Amanda says:

WOW! I live on the street you picked up The Endless Adventure.

pfko451 says:

You guys make me want to go camping right now.

Meagan Columbus says:

It looks like such a beautiful area. Makes me want to go exploring!

simon mhamdi says:

are u going back to my country Morocco ? sweet couple we love u!!!!!

adrian sims says:

My two favorite female travelers ! (Ashley & Allison <3 )

Psychphuq says:

Fun to watch the "Twins go Youtubin' together" again…

Liking the musical choice… Josh's…? Energetic & then whimsical… 🙂

WBS Signs says:

Josh, that was a really nice put together video thanks I used to live in st Helens UK, it never looked like that

Jack The Human says:

Cool vlog guys

Josh Harrington says:

Love it! Gorgeous cinematography of a gorgeous landscape. Also, I hope Josh doesn't get into too much trouble driving boost berry. 😉

Chunnie Vlogs says:

Living the dream! Some fantastic shots, good job guys

MrShg31 says:

Great video, a really beautiful location. Can remember seeing the Mount St Helens eruption on the news, even though I was very young at the time. Wondered if you would meet up with The Endless Adventure on their road trip: always good to see you guys together.

Martijn Draijer says:

America is really beautifull. Really sucks that im afraid to fly.

BH Twins says:

wow so nice

Luiz Gustavo Lima says:

Thanks, guys! Once more you nail it!

Karl von Richthofen says:

I found your channel via The Endless Adventure when you were with them in Riga, Latvia. Love all four of you!!

Sheena Brant says:

Another really good vlog so good to see you with The Endless Adventure amazing couple they are to follow you both xx

MercyTysonVlogs says:


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