I had to go to hospital… | India Travel Vlog #12

I had to go to hospital… | India Travel Vlog #12

So it seems that the cold I got in Goa caused me to cough so violently I have badly sprained my ribcage. So I popped to the hospital here in Chennai to get it checked out. Here was my experience…

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abinash guru says:

Get well soon…☺

Ram Mittal says:

omg.take rest. you are such a sweet person. take care

Rinzler says:

You should take rest atleast for a week

Ratan Sharma says:

Hey hope you get well soon and plz take it easy for now, good to know your experience at an Indian infirmary was excellent. Looking forward for more videos from you. The ECG bubble squeeze points are cleaned after every use by a sanitiser for the next patient just to let u know.

Rahul M says:

get well soon. 🙂
i didnt quite understand your review coz ur accent is so thick.. lol. so they used an used needle?? or not.. didnt get what u were trying to say.. i mean u had a good or bad experience?

Halona Black says:

I know it sucks to be sick while traveling. I went to northern Ghana for a month and wound up in the hospital with an infected mosquito bite on my leg. While the hospital staff were lovely people, I'm lucky I didn't lose a limb. I should have known when I saw the chickens in the waiting area that perhaps I should take a taxi to the capital city, but it was too far away and I was in extreme pain. I got my blood drawn — but then the nurse got my blood all over the floor. I got an injection of pain killers of some kind and they got what I think were air bubbles in my system. I literally thought I was going to die. The bathrooms were gross. Think of the worst latrine you've ever been forced to use in a busy market. Now multiply that times 50. Once I got well enough to get to the hospital in the capital city, I saw there was an extreme difference in the level of care. The capital hospital rivaled even the best hospitals in the US. So I stayed there for a few days just to make sure my leg wounds were taken care of properly. But I hope you are feeling better and can continue to enjoy your India travels. Visiting the hospital is all part of the traveler's experience.

Achal Kumar Passi says:

You not stated how much you have to pay for the same treatment in uk.

sayantan banarjee says:

Just for knowledge Apollo hospitals in chennai are one of the best they usually don't overprice my mother had 2nd stage cancer at 2014 she got healed totally fine still working and their staff was very friendly and nice and we got our 3 month long treatment done in around $5000
P.S. get well soon

david wright says:

Get well little one. It sounds like you may have walking pneumonia but I'm not a doc.

Prakash Ranjan says:

Hope for speedy recovery🌸🌸
If i had to guess is the hotel ITC GRAND CHOLA.

swapna sarit nayak says:

Hahahaahhahaahahaha those strips you were talking about weren't reused. They are changed everywhere. Specually if you are in apollo or fortis or any private hospital.

Raghavendra Prasad says:

Do yoga and pranayama daily ,your health would be fine.May God Bless

Ring Neck says:

Those strips are not reused. They are thrown away.

Sanjog Wayne says:

Try Ginger tea or Apple Cider Vinegar with honey and warm water. You'll feel much better.

Sourav Dutta says:

Don't wnt to you see in hospitl….my wishes with u. Get well soon.

ChichaWatniFarmer ChakNo170/9L says:

Get your lungs checked for Tuberculosis as it can be spread easily in a Dense Population like India.

Mandrake high says:

A friend of mine live in US. He came to India specially for his root canal treatment. It cost him about 1/3 including flights and everything of what he had to pay in US.

PersephoneFleur says:

Hardly over $30 for an ER visit, an EKG, an x-ray, and medications… Literally unheard of in the US. I'm so glad they took care of you. I can't wait to travel the world and experience quality, affordable health care. Amazing.

TheShaleco says:

Feel better soon! Ribs are a horrible thing to injure because it’s basically just waiting for them to heal and taking pain killers. I’ve been there before and feel for you…

April H. says:

Wow! Last time I went to the ER, it was because I got food poisoning from the hospital cafeteria. I had good insurance, and it still cost me over $500. I'm glad you don't have to worry about a crazy hospital bill. I hope you feel better soon.

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