How we afford to travel! – explained at McDonalds

How we afford to travel! – explained at McDonalds

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chris Hardnett says:

Can you do another miles and Points video using the Amex platinum and IHG credit cards?

Ella M. says:

So to travel for free you have to sign up for 1,000 different credit cards!!! 😂

Stacey J says:

Curious about your debt to income ratio! That's a lot of cards to have open. Unless that's not an issue for you because you both have extremely well-paid jobs or are just wealthy from family money, etc….gezzz…makes me nervous to think about having that many cards open at once. Even if you pay the balance every month, it's still a lot of revolving debt to have..

DDD Francis says:

made zero sense but ok. enjoy your strange credit card points vacation

John McCreary says:

Is this guy low key Christiano Ronaldo?


I would say you should guide begginer travelling lover … so that they can earn miles n all … fyi i dont know what are these cards are they credit card or what ☺☺sorry if you feel uncomfortable… But please do share these tips and info

Kevin Cyr says:

I would be high on life and full of energy from traveling like this, no coffee needed!

Skeagle1 says:

Works if you have good credit. I spent 4 years becoming debut free no CC love it.

Kelle Dees says:

Ok but how do u make money

Emily Yang says:

I just want to know where Kate gets all her sunglasses..

Helen Gainer says:

Did you sign up for all those credit cards first before going on your trips? It's kinda overwhelming having all those cards and knowing it will ding your credit score every time. And what about annual fees. What if you just use for the points for signing up, do you get charged for not using it the rest of the time? Sorry, just not familiar with this and I only have like 2 credit cards that I barely use. Care to give me more info?

AshtonArcher says:

what massive crank

Safa says:

in consumer ed they told us not to sign up with many credit cards cuz then we’ll end up in debt later on

deadSexy EARS says:

It's there like a spreadsheet online that you can plug and chug? Especially it being so complicated.

deadSexy EARS says:

How did you find out about all this information?

Rizki Sirois says:

Aka daddy's money

HarrLable says:

It doesnt say how you afford to travel. You just basically told us to open a bunch of credit cards and use the introductory offers….You need some kind of income to pay for credit card spend.

Orca Trip says:

Have you thought about getting the chase sapphire reserve? The really good intro offer is over, but we got 100k miles which could be transferred to a bunch of different programs. Pretty much payed for half of our trips last year!

thebraine100 says:

Mind boggling ! Won’t those fees and required expenditure come back to bite you though? Big fan btw and love your videos😀

Kathryn Sink says:

Traveling on points <3

TroopyPorn says:

Just got back from Thailand and I’m guilty of eating McDonald’s and kfc a fair bit 😂

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