Hazard, Giroud combine to put Chelsea in front

Hazard, Giroud combine to put Chelsea in front

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard sends a pass to Olivier Giroud who lays the ball back to Hazard to strike a first-time shot giving the Blues a 1-0 lead over West Brom.



Fathur Marco says:

giroud doing what he does best

mgvortex66 says:

Oil G 😭😭😭

Simona halep fan says:

Blues needed to win this game

Sanasar Mehrabi says:

I’m an arsenal fan but I can’t wait to watch more of giroud-hazard link up

Blactrick says:

Giroud was always in the middle of those one two passes that arsenal did. So no surprise

Eden is A Hazard says:

Best in the league

Cornelius G says:

Weird seeing giroud as a blue

john jason says:

Common hazard can't wait for us to beat Barca

TheHSdropout says:

What a goat

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