Harry Kane rises to score header against Arsenal

Harry Kane rises to score header against Arsenal

Tottenham’s Ben Davies curls a cross into the box and Harry Kane rises above the Arsenal defense to score a header putting his side in front 1-0.



Nick Gerbino says:

Arsenal fans talking about diving… y'all are just shite hahaha

Ghaemi350z says:

I can never watch games when they're on cnbc. Anyone got any ideas?

Marcos Rodriguez says:

I knew mhiki wasnt good it wasnt mou or utd hes just shit

qasion says:

Are you stupid and blind, I am not Arsenal fan, this was screaming foul, I pushed the defender down, it's an old trick.

Abdulye .__ says:

LMAO get it

Mitch Finn says:

North London is white!!!! Well not the people but you get what I mean 😂

happygolucky says:

Harry Kane rises! And Spurs rising

crosses101 says:

Fucking brilliant header I swear. I'm a United man btw.

Jay G says:

Who's in the #35 shirt for Arsenal?

therevolvingmonk says:

Such an exciting time to be a Spurs supporter. Record crowds at Wembley giving us a sneak peak of what life will be like at the new stadium with a young, fun-to-watch team of players on the pitch. We aren't gonna win the title this year but if we keep doing well in Champion's League, finish high in the table again, and fill the new stadium the way we do Wembley for these big matches the financial situation will improve enough to let us keep players we would have had to sell in the past and make the club an attractive choice to players on the transfer market. #COYS

Michel nguyen says:

Who’s in the world to spend £50 millions to buy a player then to leave him on the bench? Only Wenger and the Arsenal. Hence the fucking question. Why buy more strikers? And to pay them £100K/week only to use them a couple of times a month.

Adrian Lopez says:

Fuck Tottenham and all their supporters. Shit club

Andy Mendez says:

That cross though was nasty 🔥

Fernando Ventura says:

Why In the world would arsen put mkhitaryan n ozil ontop instead in the damn middle , that's why he got the "great "Alexander to play on top with Pierre.

Khap Hau says:

COYS. We own the weekend baby 😂😂

LIL Doggy says:

Nice decision from the referee

Kemar Bennett says:

The problem is arsene wenger

Donghyun Kim says:

Mind the gap arsenal

Golden One says:

0:50 where it all starts

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