Exploring Mexico City with Kinetic Kennons! — Mexico Travel Vlog #15

Exploring Mexico City with Kinetic Kennons! — Mexico Travel Vlog #15

What’s there to do on a Wednesday in Mexico City (CDMX)?
Bakeries, Cultural festivals, Phone Repairs, Tacos and Rap Battles, of course!
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► #1 We’re Moving to Mexico!

► #2 First Impressions of Mexico City

► #3 $800 Sunglasses in Mexico City

► #4 My Cold Day Meal in Mexico City

► #5 Best Tacos in Mexico City?

► #6 Gringos Try Vegan Mexican Food For The First Time

► #7 Why I Love Mexico City

► #8 Is the World’s Best Museum in Mexico City?

► #9 Is this Mexico’s Most Beautiful Town?

► #10 Finding Peace in the Hills of Mexico

As always, I’m Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!


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Miguel Garcia says:

Lov food and amigos

Here Be Barr says:

The dream team is back !!

Kinetic Kennons says:

I wanted to see the bonus footage where you almost left us in an unpaid Uber! 😂

sergio garcia says:

Yeah!! Nice sunglasses😎 The weird dragon is called Alebrije✌ I like your shirt bro.👍.

Ivan Snz says:

Mexico city is amazing!

Affraidbae says:

Me gusta tu novia jejeje

Look Who's Blogging says:

cool meet up!! i need to go to Mexico too to get my viewership up! the 360 came is pretty cool.

Beauty Mustang says:

It's Cool that you guys are in Mexico City and feeling safe and Comfortable , That's what up hope you keep on staying in a beautiful city like that

Izack del villar says:

I like churros 😎

Joe Garrido says:

I loved to see my two favorite YouTube channels in the same video!

Oscar Ramos says:

Not trying to scare you or anything, but I have to say that you need to be specially careful around "plaza de la tecnología", there's a lot of thieves around, seriously… and the people "fixing" your phones will probably try to scam you if you don't know what you are doing. In Mexico we have a saying which is "lo barato sale caro" (cheap things end up being expensive / buy cheap buy twice), so the fact that they are cheap doesn't necessarily means it's a good thing if they don't do a good job, or switch your original phone for a cheap clone while you are not looking.

You could be lucky and get your phone fixed for a good price, not everyone there is bad, but you have to be very cautious. Stay safe, amigo.

Arturo López says:

You must try some guts taco

Ulises Escorza says:


David León says:

You should come to Oaxaca to try our food, here we got a lot of other things that worth to see and try.
Love your vids

Jaime Burciaga says:

There are many Plaza de La Tecnología all over the country .

1777MiMi says:

The new glasses are cooler 😎 you ready for the rap battle now je je salu2

Enrique Gonzalez says:

Me encantan los días lluviosos y nublados.

CiudaMundo says:

Hey Dan you look like Julia Robert!😝

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