Disneyland Paris Travel Vlog February 2018

Disneyland Paris Travel Vlog February 2018

Join us as we drive from the UK to Disneyland Paris via Eurotunnel in our travel vlog. We share footage from the drive along with a room tour at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, one of the on site hotels at Disneyland Paris!

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TheCoasterCompleater says:

What is that train? I’ve never seen something like it in my life!

Jeremy Holt says:

Looks like a nice hotel, been to Disneyland Paris twice, but stayed in Hotel Santa Fe both times, may have to check this one out at some point! 🙂

Themepark Ste says:

Why don't you fly over? So easy to do. Love the vlogs buddy. Seen you a few times at Towers. Never wanted to bother you to say hello! What's the song called on this video please?

glittabones says:

Poor Alex, he clearly wasn't camera-ready, haha! Can't wait to see the next vlog. =)

Jack Shears says:

Personally I’d rather get the Eurostar

FlamedShadows says:

you know there is a channel mocking all the gang of TPW its called TheMossMachine…… its quite horrible really :/ do you know about this TPW? :/

Hazz3r says:

Hey I'm thinking about heading to Disneyland Paris in September with my Girlfriend so looking to get it booked Early April ideally. I'm trying to decide between getting the Eurostar and the Euro Tunnel. How much did it cost compared to the Eurostar, including Petrol costs? Did you have to get any special car insurance?

Inside Our Suitcase says:

We're looking at staying at Disney's Hotel Cheyenne when we visit as there's been some great promotions recently right? Looking forward to watching the other videos from your trip! 😀

Jo5eph says:

In your opinion which of the two parks do you prefer out of: Alton towers or Thorpe park

kkrispy2009 says:

Thanks shawn are the other vlogs to come

NCKYG2X3 says:

straight onto the park after an all nighteR? alex is absolutely mental lol

NCKYG2X3 says:

can we have a camera upgrade please 😉

off mines 1 says:

Will you get back to Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire

Kev Shimada says:

Oh yes, and also, there is a new scene added to the "Star Tours "Sequel"" ride, it's from Star Wars The Last Jedi: Crait! And yes, welcome back Alex to another Disney Park trip!

Kev Shimada says:

That's SO COOL how the cars are being "transported" onto a train and dropped off at a station (I think)!😵😊 Can't wait for the first day! Do you know how many days are you and your group staying at DLP?

Cameron Clark98 says:

I remember staying in that hotel 10 years ago… rooms were lovely… the restaurant was a nightmare during breakfast though. Was the hotel prices and train reasonable? Would love to take my girlfriend in the near future 👍

beach life says:

Never been on the Eurotunnel. Looks fun driving on.

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