Crazy Travel Day in Italy taking trains and buses from Matera to Pompeii

Crazy Travel Day in Italy taking trains and buses from Matera to Pompeii

Join us for a crazy travel day in Italy as we leave Matera and head towards Naples by eventually arriving in Pompeii (Pompei). When you look on a map of Italy the distance between Matera to Pompeii doesn’t look that far and might seem like it would only take a half a day to complete. However, the reality is that there isn’t anything close to be a direct route and we ended up taking many different regional train rides, short bus rides on country roads, longer bus rides of highways and other types of train rides to reach our final destination. Moreover, we had very tight connections in certain cases and it almost felt like a mission impossible journey to make sure we made it on time. Somehow we did! This is our crazy travel journey in Italy going from Matera to Potenza to Salerno to Pompeii (Pompei), Naples.

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Crazy Travel Day in Italy taking trains and buses from Matera to Pompeii Travel Food Video Transcript:

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This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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Ritankar Sasmal says:

refreshing my memories! Still hv the train tickets with me…

steve evans says:

Amazing how you both stay so chilled after a whole day travelling, I would have been so grouchy. Great video again, great fun to watch. When is someone going to give this duo a slot on prime time TV???

Lupis Tana says:

guardo i vostri video per le esclamazioni e le facce quando mangiate qualcosa di buono, (tutto) ed a Samuele piace molto il nostro cibo,
e si vede. l'alta definiz. mi fa entrare dentro nel piatto, bello e avanti così. buon viaggio. t l

Space Shadow says:

Sorta disappointed Sam didn't gobble down that "bad pear" like it was fine cuisine – I know I would've – plus, it would've made good footage – Sam…..slackening won't help the channel…..:-)

anne Chung says:

Nobody goes to Potenza. I go back to Bari, change trains at Casetta, then another train to Naples.

Winther Molina says:

You should put some Pink Floyd in the mix for these videos in Pompeii😎😎😎

Stuart Rogers says:

One of my must see destinations, you recommend?

andi stuttgart says:

I am confused – haven't you already uploaded this video, i definitely have seen this last week or so

JJ's Journey says:

Oh, the pizza looks amazing😍 now we are actually missing the western food down here in SEA 😀

Allan Jørgensen Juhl says:

I really love your videos guys. No stress. I'm so relaxed every time I see one of your videos. Hopefully you guys come to Denmark some day 😉

Yami Ruiz says:

Oh my gosh, I love what you do, do you need any luggage carriers or anything? LOL, I'm available immediately. Seriously though, God bless you on all your travels, keep living the dream 😙

Naisha Denis says:

Yum that pizza look soo delicious 😍😍😍

Wheel chair Mamma Prepper says:

Sam sweetie you done look tired be safe

Gerd Papenburg says:

Spezi is a mixture of Coke and Fanta, however the German Fanta is not as sweet as the American.

Koen's Travels says:

What I love about your videos is that we really experience the adventure 😀

marius smerea says:

Hello Sam and Audrey! Thank you for video! ! ! Superb images.

Cassie Thomas says:

Im only 27 seconds in and Im already sooo excited for this video!! ❤❤

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