An emotional Shaun White watches his gold medal halfpipe run

An emotional Shaun White watches his gold medal halfpipe run

What was going through the mind of Shaun White during his winning halfpipe run? The now three-time Olympic champion breaks it down and gets emotional as he watches the footage.



bridge4 says:

holy crap this dude is likeable! what passion!!

Dale Petersen says:

I went skiing in Snowmass like 15 years ago and I was watching a local channel with a coaching program with Shawn White on it. This is before he was well known. The next day I saw him in a small bar on the hill and recognized him right away from tv Its cool to spot someone before they go on to do great things. You don't have to be a perfect person to be great I wish people didn't have a need to go out of our way and make disparaging remarks. I think he is cool and I can relate

Hannah Gard says:

What an unbelievably sweet person.

4kisso says:

I love this kid i follow him for several years now..

Rebekah Hutchins says:

Love him!! Epic!!!

Sean Griffin says:

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Stan D'by says:

Was so relieved for all the athletes, seeing and knowing the explicit out comes of the ((End (of a run)).  The time, effort and tenacity required to clear what was only One (1) of many, many, many runs after many years.  I felt that once again, like his sport he checked all the boxes.  Including Cleaned up (shave and a haircut) after the work is done,  proper etiquette, respect of Country (Anthem), Coaches, Team, fellow Medalists, and Fans while on the medal podium.  Excellent, like so many, many, many before him.
That is what makes the clear disconnect at the point after the score announcement of that run.  His multiple actions concerning the flag, unfathomable. Maybe it's just an American thing.  I'll have to check with other nations on that point.  Or your welcome to chime in here concerning your athletes and flags.
That brings me to the thought, maybe there should be a medal for Medalists receiving and displaying their flag.
1. Hand off.
2.  Placement.
3. Traveling with
4. 2nd handoff.
…Point deductions…
1. Letting touch anything else.
2.  Duration of improper procedure.
3. Not being aware of orientation.
4. Correcting for proper display to improper display. 
Guess there have been so many Events, Medalists, and flags at that amount of Olympics, I just never considered it was as hard as walking and chewing gum simultaneously.
If you believe the definition of an accident is something you become hyper vigilant not to repeat… or the only thing worse than losing a protest is that nobody was sharp enough to know you where protesting. Ability, timing, style, and effectiveness.  Fail?

neversayjello says:

he should do back to back 1440s, wind up, and do another back to back 1440s next Olympics

Alexxa Conroy says:

I actually love him

TokyoBlue says:

Epic amazing

Kevin Fitzsimmons says:

"They were playing some post malone at the top"

rubber duky says:

Damn, those onions on my burger right now….. 🙂

2532robh1 says:

I have respect for what he can do on the board, but I lost all respect for him and got enraged last night as I saw him drag the US flag on the ground and stepped on itna few times as he walked. Don't they teach these athletes anything about respect and protocol for the flag? It should never touch the ground or be used as clothing. .

VFSactor67 says:

😲😲😲What else can I say?!…I'm practically speechless like Shaun is!❤️❤️❤️

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