Aguero scores four in Man City’s rout of Leicester

Aguero scores four in Man City’s rout of Leicester

Man City’s Sergio Aguero scored four goals, all in the second half, as he led City to a 5-1 victory over Leicester City.



Jason Figueroa says:

Gabriel Jesus over kun…give me a break…not even close

CHAD says:

I have these 30 second ad you can skip sigh. they are on all of these vids

That's me in the profile picture says:

Cities goals piss me off. You tell me that half their goals aren't them just running down the run and passing it for a tap in. And I thought it was only a fifa thing. I'm not hating I'm just upset.

Master Sage says:

Why can't he do this with Argentina when they need him 😭

Mentesnot Tadesse says:

Always a danger

NeoSpartanHesperos9 says:

FUCK YOU LECIESTER CITY- sack another manager, seriously go do it since that's all you're good at, ffss

Tim says:

Atrocious defending and goalkeeping, the last goal was class though…too bad that's not in the vid

Frosty Dog says:

Where is the 4th? Lol.

david hollinghurst says:

NBC don,t deserve the Premier League

Kelechi Karma says:

Where is the best one? the fourth

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