20K Q&A — YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! 20,000 SUBSCRIBERS | Travel Vlog 125, 2018 | Digital Nomad

20K Q&A — YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! 20,000 SUBSCRIBERS | Travel Vlog 125, 2018 | Digital Nomad

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We’re Dane & Stacey and we travel full time. Unlike most travel vloggers we move to a country for a few months and rent a villa or apartment. Our channel shows what it’s like to immerse into cultures by exploring, eating traditional cuisine and living a life similar to locals while still hunting out our western wants and needs!

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Daneger and Stacey says:

Thank you for being part of this! Our questions: 1) Why do you watch our channel? 2) What would you like to see more of?
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natalie mackay says:

Great Q&A video guys! My husband & I started watching you when we were researching our trips to Thailand & Vietnam. We do short trips to places due to having to work & pay bills but you have really given us the travel bug & can’t wait for your ebook! Love your videos as you do have a mix of activities/food/pricing & you try to live the local life! Can’t find many vloggers that do this. Keep going with what your doing!

Leroy Sharp says:

I initially started watching your videos about Thailand when I was researching the digital nomad lifestyle and then came across your videos. I really enjoy your relaxed style of vlogging and also how informative it is. Your videos give me a good idea of what to expect when travelling to those countries/cities. I would love to see more videos of what your working day is like and also possibly how you keep fit while travelling. Keep it up guys!

Amy Louise says:

1. I watch because I’m currently travelling SEA and like to see what you guys get up to and watch your travelling experience!
2. I’m happy with your content as it is!
Love your videos guys! 🙂

William Anderson says:

Hey guys, I have recently just subscribed to your channel and wow, thank goodness for that. I don't think you guys realize how much of an inspiration this is to people like myself, a 22-year-old. It's brilliant and fresh that you guys show yourself together and as a couple and prove that traveling and being on the move all the time can be done not just with friends or individually. 
I feel like I have just started watching you guys and already feel invested and apart from the little community you guys are creating. My girlfriend and I have always planned to travel and live our lives but have never really known how to do it. But i graduate from university this summer so hopefully, everything falls into place. 
Again, thank you for the content wow wow wow.

MrIknowwhatiwant says:

1. I love watching your channel because I like how chill the both of you are. I am a chill person too, so I feel I can pretty much relate with the stuff you're doing. I love food and beer. I love travelling. Your content is nothing but good vibes. No dramas, no pretensions, no putting on airs, just passion for travelling and vlogging. 😀
2. Just continue what you're doing. Travelling will never get boring. I will never get tired of watching your craft for as long as you're having fun. 😁

Joshua Chad says:

Hey lovebirds! How’s it going ? Just watched the Q&A… no kidding, Tinder eh? Anyway, it was fun watching you two answer all our questions. Thanks for sharing with us. To answer your first question, the one and only reason I follow your channel is because you totally connect with me, us, the viewers. I can assure you that I’ve dropped a few travel vloggers from my viewing list due to that disconnect. How to describe that connection in words you ask? I can’t, you can’t describe something which you can’t see but it’s there. You can ask Ronnie from “Where the Jones” channel. The invisible bond that holds us together. Second question, I’m bursting with happiness and excitement the second one of your vlogs drops. I’ll will go… “What adventure do they have in store for us today?! What am I gonna say to them?!” Just keep the suspense! 😅

WhaleBomb says:

You guys will love Europe. Poland is fantastic for cheap food and beer, also if you come to the UK, try to visit more of the countryside in Wales and Scotland, it will blow you away, as long as it doesnt rain.

Brittany Dean says:

I follow your content guys for a few reasons, the biggest being that my partner approached me last year and just said, "how would you feel about dropping everything and working remotely?" and I was literally stumped and then we found your channel and your content was so enjoyable to watch, and it really was the push for us to actually do it. We fly out on Saturday for three months to begin with, and you guys literally are such an inspiration and such a big reason to do this. Thanks for creating a space that is so damn relatable. I messaged you guys a few months back on Instagram in the off chance you would respond to some questions that I had and you guys actually not only responded, but were so freaking lovely. Crazy to think you've grown to 20,000 subscribers in a year or so – killing it! Congratulations on your engagement, too! 😀

sang yoon Lee says:

why do i watch this channei? great question. first it's about traveling and i love!!!!! traveling, furthermore you travel in south east asia and i'm interested in southeast asia travels. is my grammar wrong? sorry. finally, you guys are sexy! both of you! thanks!!!!

Diane King says:

I recently stumble upon your channel and now Im a big fan because of the content and in depth review of each places you’ve been to. It’s something i haven’t seen from other vloggers. Cheers on your engagement!👏💐💍. God bless🙏

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