2018 Winter Olympics Recap Part 1 (Red Gerard) I Day 2 I NBC Sports

2018 Winter Olympics Recap Part 1 (Red Gerard) I Day 2 I NBC Sports

Snowboarder Red Gerard highlights early coverage from Day 2 by winning the first U.S. gold medal of the 2018 Winter Olympics.



Edison Li says:

Go USA! Go Red !

R B says:

Bro, this commentator is insufferable

AdamGlueckSki says:

Not only is your coverage horrendous, but you failed to mention that Krueger’s victory in the skiathlon came after he crashed in the beginning of the race and was dropped 40 seconds off the leaders. His comeback was legendary and deserves mention

Robert Hilden says:

He won his OWN medal, so that makes him the youngest to win a gold in my book.

Doug Ray says:

If you never watched the Olympics before:
You may be unaware that NBC has no shame, bad priorities, hideous coverage, no faith in their viewers watching more than 1-4 minutes about anything, and doesn't read the YT comment section for their edification and self-improvement.
No one reading/commenting here is in the NBC complaint department.
You can find 1-minute summaries of events of mostly US interest on nbcolympicsDOTcom; occasional other countries are featured if it's something like Norway winning all 3 men's 30km x-country medals, or the fabulous Russian woman figure skater. If you have a US cable/dish provider you can watch many things fully live-streamed at the NBC site, if the cross-login works.
NBC has never indicated they'd put anything on YT, or CNN, or Breitbart, or anywhere else. They only care about their site, really.
If you prefer some other country's high quality coverage, watch it. And if any of us can watch it, let us know.
Otherwise, the only reason to try watching Olympics here is you feel like trolling.

Justin Shaw says:

What a savage

Zachary Ianchis says:

Good job U-S-A

Tri-Shake-Atops says:


fruitloops says:


T Po says:

Would be nice if we could actually see the medal ceremony. The plush toy bit is a joke. Is this a carnival or an Olympics competition? NBC are you afraid someone will be offended it you broadcast the medal ceremony. Show the raising of the flag and the playing of the anthem.
The athletes and their families sacrificed for it.

Bradbssargdons says:

While his run was great, I think the last guys run was better. Harder tricks and much better landings. But way to go Red!!!

Richard Wilson says:

If the Olympics weren’t hosted by NBC, a garbage Establishment fake news propaganda organ, with Katie “I suck Deep State cock” Couric hosting, their ratings would not have suffered so dramatically.
What were they thinking??

BenjerminGaye says:

somehow… i saw an ad before the video. . .

Tiffany Zette says:

Awww congrats Red! Amazing performance. Xo

The Heardsmen says:

Not ONE food review so far at the Olympics on NBC! What are hiding?????

Siyam Zaman says:


Jeff Rector says:

Was watching history live YAEEEEEEE 🏅👍🇺🇸

13clicks ! says:

For those who boycott TV in general you should have a way to view your content on the web…. NBC is missing my eyeballs and ad revenue. Come on NBC it’s 2018 ffs.

Thierry Barbieux says:

GREAT JOB, RED AND CONGRATULATIONS !!! Thank you so much for giving us our First Gold Medal for 2018 !!!


dude thats so fucking cool that he got gold and hes only 17!! AND hes representing not only the USA, but he's from Northeast Ohio too.. fuck yeah!

Dan K says:

Why the fuck does nbc make it so hard to watch the entire run. Waited all day for this event and then they showed ski jump and reruns in its place. It like the dont want you to watch it

svenmega10022 says:

Way to go Red Gerard! We here in Colorado are proud to have one of own riding the gold!

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