2018 Winter Olympics Recap Day 4 (Chloe Kim/Shaun White) I Part 1 I NBC Sports

2018 Winter Olympics Recap Day 4 (Chloe Kim/Shaun White) I Part 1 I NBC Sports

Chloe Kim and Shaun White dominated the halfpipe in Primetime, with Kim winning gold in the women’s event and White topping the qualifying round with a monsterous score of 98.50.



Brien says:

So the #metoo movement is calling for Shaun White to give his medal back. Wtf

Alotta says:

man…falls are scary going that fast…

bnose202 says:

Am I the only viewer who thought the young Japanese boarders run was better? Higher aplitude and speed, cleaner landings, close to the same difficulty, etc… #NBCfix

Chicken Of the Cave says:

Shaun White was my biggest idol when I was a kid. But now I’ve grown out of snowboarding a lot

Timothy Creed says:

Lay off the plastic surgery.

Tempo says:

Shaun white target merch makes him more money

John Danger says:

USA Stays Great #Facts

4touchdowns1game says:

Red Gerrard and Chloe Kim were wearing the same goggles. Do these goggles imlrove your skill and where can I buy said magic goggles.

Arturo Arriaga says:

She's Chinese.

mrslapside says:

Now that’s icy.

Anonymous Person says:

Men's halfpipe was awesome! Women's was a big disappointment though. Kim was the best of the female riders, and she sucks. Hopefully they do better next time around in picking their boarders.

Mitchell Castillo says:

I know you’re mad at this https://youtu.be/YQmJDEVPJ60

CaterpillarMaki says:

Even comparing these two is a crime, Shaun White is an absolute monster, one of the best snowboarders still in the game. Chloe Kim is an upstart little punk bitch who won because her competition was even worse than she is.

GreenMoonGirl95 says:

Men's category really brought the heat this year, but the women's category was weak af. I mean, I know Kim is only seventeen and all but still, that was subpar even compared to most seventeen year old riders.

Congrats to Sean White and Ayumu and Scotty though cos they made it happen.

Zoe Simza says:

Ugh, Chloe Kim is such an insufferable cunt. This teenage Down syndrome prick is worth an Olympic gold medal? She landed back-to-back 1080's, that's kiddie shit, when I was her age I was landing triple corkscrews and mindless 900 backflips and 1440 roadkill. And I'm not even that good, I'm only semipro. If you got a real professional in there, they'd smack her down so fucking hard she wouldn't know what day of the week it is.

Jack Brown says:

Body Language Analysis No. 4205: Chloe Kim, Albert Einstein, and Creativity – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

YourFavoriteCommie says:

Shaun White kicks ass, Chloe Kim stunk it up, what a scrub.

Alexander Silver says:

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NBK Gaming says:

Is it me or did Chloe Kim rip a new one to the Chinese? Nobody else that?

Max Pranks says:

Every single one of Shaun's jumps had such a small margin of error. Just goes to show how he pushed every trick to the MAX and had to execute perfectly. Amazing.

Steven Lund says:

He won gold 4 hours ago, still no run upload? Get your shit together NBC

Misty Black says:

I really hope lindsey Vaughan breaks her neck GOD BLESS YRUMP

Dark Infinity says:

Why are most people cheering for Chloe?

Edit: Because she's the youngest female snowboarder to win gold?

Smug Level: Zen Master says:

Woman: Does 1080s
Man: Does 1440s

SJWs: B-but equality! Women can be just as strong as men!

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