2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Recap I NBC Sports

2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Recap I NBC Sports

The 2018 Winter Olympics are officially underway! The Opening Ceremony at PyeongChang provided an incredible visual experience for viewers while Team USA figure skating and curling had their struggles on Friday.

Watch the entire Opening Ceremony tonight in Primetime at 8pm ET on NBC!




I wish they would actually pronounce PyeongChang right for once

The Heardsmen says:

I wonder what a Big Mac tastes like in Korea?

Maria Gonce says:

So I was surfing around You Tube and my tv was on. It was on mute because like I said I was on You Tube. I happened to look up at my tv and saw that USA was the next to be introduced during the opening ceremony. I unmuted my tv and as I was watching USA the camera went to VP Pence waving and I happened to notice the women behind him looking with so much hatred and I was like WOW. BUT then the tv announcer.stated that the women.behind VP Pence was the sister on Kim Jong Un. OOOHHHH OOOKKKK NOW I know what the EVIL looks were all about. I could not stop laughing. NOT at USA . Way to go USA sitting so close to NK.

tatsuo71 says:

I was hoping for BTS to be in the opening ceremony

Mathin3D says:

Why are these sheetbags putting ads over my ad blocker? Scumbags

Momma Bigs says:

2 more top level FBI agents step down before Inspector Generals report comes out!

Sparky says:

Dat black screen tho

Dallas W says:

Was that it? If that’s all there was it source opening ceremonies of ever seen

Glen V says:

NBC, please tell your commentators to shut up and let us watch the opening ceremony.

Nightraven Alchemist says:

My dumb ass NBC feed cut out just as the ceremony began because they wasted my time playing interviews and shit… Where the hell can I watch the ceremony?!

Afrokking says:

Just curious but did anyone watch the super bowl?


Lala Lala says:

Not only do u speak through the entire performance but it's such a choppy feed

Lala Lala says:

Thanks for talking through the opening ceremonies yet again.. I'm Soo happy your contract is up in 2020.. Maybe someone else who would like Thier audience to be allowed to watch them. Will take over finally..

Aaron Kay says:

Shaun White looking like Macklemore

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