2018 Oscar Predictions: Vanity Fair vs. Entertainment Weekly vs. Gold Derby

2018 Oscar Predictions: Vanity Fair vs. Entertainment Weekly vs. Gold Derby

Mike Hogan (Vanity Fair), Chris Rosen (EW) and Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby) battle over 2018 Oscar frontrunners. Will “The Shape of Water,” “Get Out,” “Lady Bird,” “Dunkirk” or “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” win Best Picture?



Jeffrey Taddeo says:

I agree with the people who say Get Out is overrated. If there is going to be an upset in the acting categories, let it be Laurie Metcalf winning for Lady Bird. Allison Janney did a very nice job in I, Tonya, but Metcalf's performance was the more complex and dimensional.

Andres Gtz says:

The only outstanding film here is Phantom Thread, being objective. Call Me By Your Name will be remembered. Everything else is overrated: boring/political/pretentious bullshit. Lady Bird is a shame.

Nick Poliseno says:


Nick Poliseno says:


rhythmoriented says:

The Shape of Water in a front door win or Dunkirk in a back door upset. The signs are there:
1. Categories are splitting, including acting for McDormand and likely Rockwell, yet growing screenwriter support for Peele, and LB’s best chance is with Metcalf. CMBYN-to-Shape voter crossover is strong, and the former is now much more likely to win for adapted screenplay. That all favors Shape, especially because The Academy’s older voters at this point are LESS likely to…
(a) support Peele’s film for best pic, which mocks liberal racism
(b) support McDonagh’s film due to redemption of a racist (and the following quote at the BAFTA win didn’t help: ““And as we’ve seen this year sometimes anger is the only way to get people to listen and to change.”)
(c) vote best pic for The Post, CMBYN, Darkest Hour and the superb Phantom Thread
2. Moonlight won on the strength of #2 and #3 votes: fertile ground for Dunkirk. The arguments against LB as a back door best pic are stated articulately elsewhere on this message board.
3. With respect to the “Shape” suit, Black Swan, Avatar and others have struck Oscar gold despite plagiarism suits, while individual actors have also risen above even more flagrant accusations. Also, respect for both GDT and Nolan does run deep, with films this year that bring positive messages to conclude the March 4 telecast.

ashim choudhury says:

Best Music in a movie in 2017 is Call Me By Your Name.

ashim choudhury says:

I don't understand the controversy for Three Billboards. It's ridiculous. I think Sam Rockwell's character is really well written!

ashim choudhury says:

Get Out is the most overrated movie of 2017.

Sergio B says:

"Call Me By Your Name" is the the best, c`mon. "Mistery of Love" is the best song by far.

Change1 says:

Lady Bird, out of all the BP nominated movies that i've watched, is pretty objectively the WORST movie in the list. It's critical acclaim is a complete head-scratcher to me, nothing but a mediocre lifetime movie for housewives and teenagers.

Luca Giliberti says:

It's TBB vs Shape of Water, nth else. I do wish an underdog like CMBYN or Lady Bird would win though

JaegerAtreyu says:

Lady bird should not win best picture. That would be bad. Its s good movie but not best picture. I would rather see dunkirk (which I dont like) win before lady bird but with the backlash against three billboards and the lawsuit against the shape of water (both movies I like), I really think get out has a shot to win the big one, which would be awesome.

Michael Z says:

Get Out is way overrated and Three Billboards was a mess. Id give it to CMBYN or Phantom Thread or Lady Bird

John * says:

A Ladybird upset would make my life. This is such a weak year and that was so clearly the best movie of the year

jamaxz says:

Why did you not mention the Shape of be water lawsuit?

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