Zlatan Ibrahimovic Funniest Moments At Manchester United #GetWellSoon

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Funniest Moments At Manchester United #GetWellSoon

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Wait can u do Albania soccer highlights if u cant do the other


Can u do a video of the players speaking Albanian? Plz thx

Kami Makela says:

Any1 know what the song for the outtro is called?

TheYoutubeFam Sport Videos, Vlogs and more says:

whats the intro and outro song???

Eetwidomayloh HK says:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a tonic, and a great signing for MUFC. I saw the injury at the Anderlecht match… That 35 year old knee injury, sadly, may spell the end of his service. I do hope I am wrong though. I really do!

Steffen AMMANN says:

nice vid, good idea

JacobHD PlayzGamez says:

Im happy hes injured he was crushing the premier league…..

Tyler Craig says:

The lion has been poached ?


Schmeichel4ever says:

Only the good guys suffer serious injuries. Fuckwits, like costa, nani, ronaldo, hardly get injured.

Khalil Aynashe says:

Hope u have speedy recovery ibra (Liverpool fan)

craziewill says:

Love him or hate him but you can't deny his charismatic personality and definitely made post match interviews more interesting to watch..

andifikrimahardika says:

#GetWellSoon Zlatan!

Jack Walsh says:

Lions don't compare themselves with humans, oh I love Zlatan

Man United Zone says:

Get well soon Ibra! #GGMU

Neko Treći says:

"well played benjamin" ??

Mur Vlogs says:

Get well soon ibra

EasyGaming11 says:

Scary to think that ibrahimovic's idol, Brazilian Ronaldo, both never won the UCL (zlatan hasn't yet but it's most likely he won't) and Ronaldo had this same injury that ended his career… Scary

Fin.dcboi 123 says:

Dat thumbnail doe?

Bear Boy says:

I'm Not Hating But It's Really Good To See People Wishing Zlatan A Speedy Recovery But A Shame About People Like Suraj's Opinion is Better Hating On A Perfect Icon He Trains Hard Even At An Old Age And Doesn't Sell Out To China But Goes To A Harder League But That's Just My Opinion

Радостин Николов says:

Legend I wish you speedy recovery too?

Yooyanger says:

he's a great player but a right cunt

Med Ali says:

he is….very rare and funny….he jokes….every time….he is original boy…..vivement son rétablissement….

Med Ali says:

nous esperons qu'il se retablira…promptement…car le foot sans ZLATAN…deviendera boiteux…..it's damage…

John Hall says:

already a united legend 28 goals in is 1st season speedy recovery zlat man

Yeshi Gurmey says:

hope u get a recovery so fast that u can play in the rest of the seasons

Abood_ 739 says:

I am a city fan but i am sad for him get well soon

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