YG Entertainment To Signed An Exclusive Contract With 11-year-old Han Byul

YG Entertainment To Signed An Exclusive Contract With 11-year-old Han Byul

YG Entertainment To Signed An Exclusive Contract With 11-year-old Han Byul. She didn’t make it into the final 10 contestants on KPOP STAR 6, but this 11-year-old girl impressed Yang Hyun Suk so much that he just signed her to his agency.
YG Entertainment has released a statement confirming that they have signed 11-year-old Han Byul to an exclusive contract. Han Byul is half Swedish, half Korean, and also one of the youngest contestants to appear on K-Pop Star 6: The Last Chance.
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I'M A KPOPER says:

Gosh~ So happy that HanByul signed with YG ? The moment YG saw her performed on K-Pop Star 6, YG was so determined to recruit her to YGE ? Yeah~ It might take a long time specially since she is still young, But no doubt' She will learn a lot of things there and she is gonna be 2x way better than she is already today ? And surely she is gonna make it BiG in the Future ? Wish her all the best ?

supa3ek says:

Why is there no full white girl in kpop ???

hobi's sunshine says:

lol im done *flips table*

Claire Miñoza says:

Uhm. Im happy for her. But can YG freaking give Bom the contract. What the hell.

Chantelle Streete says:


Ashley Philip says:

If yg is making another group like 2ne1 and blackpink. She'll probably be main dancer and will work on her rapping in her trainee days

chiisai lady says:

her body??

Nezumi says:

So after Black Pink hits 2NE1's age and loses popularity slowly she'll take BP's place with a new girl group and the cycle will contine. Right?

Bunnies Forever says:

And yet Lee Michelle still didn't get in TT

Blossom Mane says:

I wish I could be in a kpop group but too bad I'm american #ripme

L Perez says:

She looks so American,it's really cool she is so pretty!

Kookie's Side Hoe says:


Jeff Rahmon says:

shes 11 so she probaly went debut in like 7-10 years

Julianna A says:

im so happy shes with YG! I feel like they will debut her well, might take a while considering how long blackpink took but this girls gunna be big!

why park jimin when you can d.o kyungsoo says:

I'm 15 eating cheezits at 3am what is my life

kwang vatar says:

Hanbyul? hanbyul hanbyul hanbyul hanbin hanbyul hanbyul junhoe

Nadhia Sunshine says:

she looks like a regular white girl…another somi but YG version

seungris ramen shop says:

she's so fucking pretty while me ugly??

KitKat Fly says:

She is so young and talented!! And I'm over here old and lazy ??

loua kpoper says:

she is jyp style

Cringe-Master; Shin Sung Young says:

I can't wait for her debut! But I'm worried that she'll be trained harshly and she'll be discouraged. I wish YG would treat her well…

KяıšтıиαKıмJøøиıe says:

11 years old and dressing like that. THIS GENERATION


I'm not a big fan of her. Her dancing is good but her voice isnt that great. I'm sure her will voice will get better ?

Mandy Sykes says:

Yay I'm happy! She has so much talent and she was one of my favorites!


damn I'm 13 and I'm not doing shit

G-Dragon's Wife says:

She's gonna be in that dungeon long.

Caleb Aguirre says:

YG Somi in the making lol, hope she goes far

Hannah Ahn says:

yessss omg. I was so sad when she left and now she's back in the kpop industry

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