YG Entertainment New Boys Gruop2017?/Trainees

YG Entertainment New Boys Gruop2017?/Trainees

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叶林夕 says:


That XX says:

No Youngjoo? he's hella fine tho

Jisoo Chikin says:


Jessa Agan says:

I hope yg won't let them debut yet. I mean it's not the right time yet, yg ent. should let winner and ikon shine to the brightest and build a very much strong foundation, they still need to be promoted….a lot. They are not yet able to make their names bigger and they still have a long way to go and prove that they aren't just famous because they came from yg cuz as far as I know there are still a lot of people who are doubting them. Yg should focus on their promotions, they may comeback every month or thrice a year. YG please just don't let them debut, just for now. Maybe in 2020 will do just like what you did with bigbang and 2ne1. they have 3 year interval, and as we all know bigbang already becomes a household name that year (2009), which is also the year when 2ne1 debuted so please not now.

ann gleeson says:

Also they look friggen awesome right!

ann gleeson says:

Just b4 the whole YG community starts whining we need a new group and its not up too YG to save Ikon and Blackpinks arses they both had a very good start like Winner and Big Bang they need to work hard I hope he dosnt debut them this year for a totally different reason 3 actually Pristin KARD and Dreamcatcher now we all love Ikon and Winner and Blackpink then there's GD/Taeyangs comeback Delites as well also I feel a CL promo coming up. I think next year beginning for the boys and summer for the next girl group the competition for Rookie of the year is too tough there's been no real promo of a new group from YG look at KARDs views already for example and they havnt debut yet then there's BTS and Snsd and Blackpink and Winner and Ikon so there's no chance too get song off the year either. This is a major group if its 7 to 9 which I don't think will happen Winner and Big Bang have proven 4 to 5 works. Blackpink rumours were about two years I don't think they'd debut a group against the competition out this year

Keysha Lodia says:

The last clip, why were they in front of a Durex sign dafuq?

Natnat Jenaa says:

i think its just a rumour, remember back then when we waited too long for blackpinks debut and we expected them to debut 2012 and then july 2016 but at the end it was august 2016, so i think its just a rumour YG himself (*actually i'm not sure though) didn't promise or said anything about the new boy group so dont put your hopes up too high!!!

Jisoo's Chicken Squad_VIP says:

i think they should debut already since anyone could be enlist to the military at the age of 20 and up, but yg need to step in his game towards promotions as well.

Bp blink says:

I feel bad for the girls like suah who has been trained for 8 years

Ngoc Nguyen says:

For sure they will not debut this year

Demon Princess says:


Liezl Labog says:

another monster rookie are coming!!!!yes…….

Kristianne Khan says:

I'm excited but not that much, I mean before debuting another group YG should focus on the three remaining active groups first because he might lose another group again. I mean, Winner debuted in the year 2014 (?) and 2014 was the stopping of 2ne1 from The kpop industry. After Black Pink debuted he just let Taehyun leave Winner permanently, he just let 2ne1 disband. If he will let this new boy group, he might lose another artist/group.


2017 actually means 203757384 but i really want jaewon to debut

VIP_IKonic_ Monbebe says:

I hope they debut in 2018 and not 2017 it woul be better bcs in 2017 he should focus more on the other groups to make them more stable in the industry(they already are) and we need their comeback and then boom a new group after all comebacks ??

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