Xiaomi Yi: KENYA Travel Vlog 2017

Xiaomi Yi: KENYA Travel Vlog 2017

This is a compilation vlog of places I have visited and filmed; from December 2016 to May 2017, with a Xiaomi Yi action camera. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for watching.
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Jupe – Yikes [Majestic Color] – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSUX8XBu9Ns



GetawayPlanet says:

This is all for you my Safaribuddies ??❤

ast0nv8 says:

For the price the camera is okay. But i'm sorry but the video resolution is oversaturated, video quality isn't as sharp and the battery life sucks. If i was you i'd sell this camera and invest in the better 4k Yi plus with all the proper Gopro camera kit. It will make your vlogging a lot more better.

tk vlogs says:

Ipo poa sanaaaaaa

The Father's Love For You says:

Isnt this the camera that you broke in the ocean?
2.28-2.31 yuuuuuuuck!!!eeew
Are you kenya's best travel vlogger???yea..possibly..u got skill

Margiey Akinyi says:

Great video! ??? editing on point.
Where did you buy the camera? It's so cute

Ms. Njeri says:

Where did you get xiaomi products?

David Kimani says:

great whoosh effects and the speed ramps as well.


some great color correction i noticed. great camera! planning on shipping mine next month to start vlogging

Anthony Odee says:

Good stuff bro!

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