Why TWICE Is Called The Next “Nation’s Girl Group”?

Why TWICE Is Called The Next “Nation’s Girl Group”?

Why TWICE Is Called The Next “Nation’s Girl Group”?. TWICE is undoubtedly one of the most popular girl groups in the industry, having been referred to lately as the next “Nation’s Girl Group.”
Even before making their official debut in October of 2015, they were receiving attention for being the newest JYP girl group, having launched a survival show SIXTEEN through Mnet.
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Luke Sacre says:

Lol seriously? Looks like april fools still ain't over until now ?

TY Track says:

Its okay…these 9 girls have unique personalities.They are fresh vitamin.They can sing live very good.They hardly can't lip-sync.They have cute and pretty face.Various talents.Their songs very catchy and they have unique concepts.They can dance very well too.
Not like others girl groups.They are too bad.Gfriend can't dance very well.Black Pink can't sing live.Red Velvet doesn't have any catchy songs.Mamamoo are not talented.Lovelyz are not cute enough.Oh My Girl are pale vitamins.Dreamcatcher's horror concept not really good at all.All positive comments goes to twice.All negative comments goes to these shits.Its okay for twice having the NGG.Even,SNSD was the NGG before.All the best for twice and congratulations because all of you 'signed' under JYP Ent.Fighting ?

merylin suichinpar says:

Twice ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Buhok ni Jeonghan says:

Annyeong Onces! Sone Unnies here to support you loves ? SNSD x TWICE Hwaiting!

Majo Bautista says:

I really happy for that .beacause the twice is become a next nation group and im also really fan of twice and i dont want to hear somes bad message to twice and bashers ..its true haters is gonna hate ..fighting once???

kookbaek • says:

Comment section
5% wow nice
5% they should improve more
5% nice for them even though snsd is going to be my ngg forever no hate on twice tho

Manh Oanh says:

Other girl group's fandoms just get jealous to our babies!!

Trying Duck says:

i swear, if i see a sone hating on this. im a sone myself, and it's just so maddening when years ago, snsd was a rookie group with so many haters, sones should know how hard it is for twice too. snsd is a legend now, and it's time to pass the torch to the next gen. it's their time. let them grow into their potential like snsd did. give them the chance people gave snsd.

Vandana Rajesh says:

obviously korea will choose twice over snsd because koreans are obsessed with cute stuff. and snsd is not in an age to do cute stuff anymore so they have mature concepts. there r so many girl groups in korea but twice is the nations girl group because theyre cute and are from jyp.otherwise these girls have no talent whatsoever. plus there is a difference between being salty and stating the truth. maybe twice did improve since debut, but their improvement rates are VERY slow for them to be given such a huge title. most other kpop girl groups work harder and and are WAY more talented than this shitty group. its really saddening to female kpop idols who r clearly better not being given any recognition. we will see when this year's mama comes up. both snsd and twice will be nominated for best girl group. but twice clearly doesnt deserve this title. its like asking a child to run a country.

Emily SugarCatGirls says:

i see a shit tons of negative comments here ? well u know dat in math
'negative() meets negative() equal Positive!(+)
well keep hating on twice so dat they will be way successfull than u ever expected! and btw i dont understand why there are SONEs getting triggered by thus.. its not like they will be replaced or anything cuz they are LEGENDS?

Chaengs lion says:

When will people realize that these girls are talented

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