Why I Want Juventus To Win the Champions League

Why I Want Juventus To Win the Champions League

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The Champions League Final is set for June 3rd in Cardiff and the matchup poses two world football powerhouses in Juventus and Real Madrid. Real Madrid is looking to become the first team in Champions League history to go back-to-back for the title, a feat that has been accomplished in Europe just not this specific tournament. Juventus is looking to bring hardware back to the Italian league where they have been the best defensive team in the world over the past few years.

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Johnny Carlos says:

As much as I want Juve to win as a barca fan I will have to go two seasons watching real win the CL because they're not losing this final they're just not they don't lose finals in the CL

kishore swaminathan says:

Dani alves is a right back not a defender.

kishore swaminathan says:

But real madrid will defend the title.

Master KingPin says:


Aly Sh says:

This is why I prefer Francis! he has logic and knows what football is. Period
and UCL is not an individual trophy!

ARTicNipple says:

I always want the underdogs to win

TBL I says:

i was surprised at the title, but then i saw that francis wasnt there, then it all made sense

MadeInAmirica says:

From a non-biased Real Fan, I think it goes 1-1 to penalties and Real Madrid Win. I can see why neutrals want Juventus for Buffon but for all the work Real have gone through, beating harder teams and for all RONALDO has done, Real also deserve to make history. It will be a very hard game for both teams but surely a nail-biting affair. TBH, I could just barely take real losing on a normal basis, but my cocky gym teacher is a Juventus fan and I DO NOT want to have to deal with him for the rest of my life! Good luck to both teams, but as always #HalaMadrid

Sopa Diaz says:

Forza Juve. and Jason, please stop saying ManDUkic, it's Mandzukic.

Trevor Sabajo says:

man i hate ramos his head!!!!

jake chambers says:

as a neutral id like to see real make history over buffon win his 1st it hard to feel sorry for a guy who has dominated the Italian league and cups and has a world cup to his name

Sven Lesner says:


TehLewii says:

Dani alves is a Rightback not a midfielder

Milosh Mitrovic says:

There is no way you are going to Cardiff after misspelling your bosses name 😀

NFL Superfan says:

I don't see Real madrid winning this. that Juve defense is too great

boy i tell ya says:

Fuck Juve and HALA MADRID

Marcus De Villiers says:

I want Juvie to win. Because they deserve it . Didn't have the refs on there side. played great. played dominant. Played like champions .

FHockeyPlayer111000 says:

When are you going to do a video on Chelsea winning the league

Brendan 12311 says:

Can Francis just leave. Jason even covers soccer better and he doesn't have the insanely idiotic and radical political views that Francis has.

vuk911 says:

If you're a life long Real Madrid fan, and you want them to win, i understand it. You are cheering for a club of fascist propaganda, but w/e, you're forgiven. But if you are anything but a life long RM fan, and you want them to win… There's a special place in hell waiting for you!

Nuc leus says:

YES !!! , Would be awesome to see you guys attend and cover the final ??

mohamed moataz says:

alves a midfielder ????? americans hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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