Why I needed to travel on my narrowboat in wrong direction! Swarkestone to Trent Lock – 23

Why I needed to travel on my narrowboat in wrong direction! Swarkestone to Trent Lock – 23

I continue my journey along the Trent and Mersey Canal on my narrowboat. I navigate in the opposite direction so I can turn around then head east to Trent Junction. I go through Shardlow, past the Sawley Marina and experience the River Trent.

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Joakim Karud – Lowrider






Jack says:

Another great video, I love the part about Molly running along, she must sleep well at night when she gets to do that!

Gary Jarvis says:

Your videos seem to be getting better with each issue. Like how you present the whole adventure. Love that Molly can run around and she looks like one happy guy. Two Thumbs Up!!

Kitty Oskin says:

Really enjoying your journey. Love seeing Miss Molly run up and down the Towpath. She sure loves her daddy. So glad to see you have recovered and are on the cut again. Best to you and Molly.

JP in Fuerteventura says:

Ah, Donington Park, a great circuit. I won there the last time I raced there in 2011, on 4 wheels not 2. I didn't realise the canal passed so close.

Alex Brewer says:

Seen all your vlogs and still cannot work out who's loving it more you or Molly she's great:)

Matt Allen says:

One of the many questions I have about living on a narrowboat include aspects regarding our GSD Ella… letting her run on the towpath is ideal and I'm glad to see someone else come to the same conclusion. Thanks so much for including this nugget of info it's really made my day!

Ronnie Lloyd says:

Wow! Molly's coat looks like you polish it! Such a lovely shiny dog 🙂 And so well behaved 🙂 Molly that is 😉 Good idea as she is so well behaved to let her run along the towpath in rural areas. I agree about the volunteers. I always chat and help if I can. As usual, a really enjoyable, high quality produced vlog! Thanks Jono!

Ben Keay says:

Another great vlog

Trevor Grayling says:

Lovely video, as usual. Thanks! And good to see Molly getting some exercise!

Lorac says:

Another truly enjoyable video Jono. You are so correct, the volunteers who freely give their time – deserve acknowledgement and huge thanks. Looking forward to your next jaunt – enjoy!

Colin M says:

This is such an enjoyable journey. You have really thought about the information you provide and make this very interesting. What a calming influence you are after a tough day in the office. Fantastic

michael broadston says:

Love the vids and your dog. Wish my pugs were as well mannered.

GordWing says:

Always enjoy watching your videos Jono… They are well made and interesting. I live in a small town in the US. It's called Chicago. Maybe you've heard of it… Ha Ha. Seriously though, I would love to visit the UK one day and rent a narrowboat for a nice holiday. It looks so relaxing.

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