Where Should Kyrie Irving Be Traded?

Where Should Kyrie Irving Be Traded?

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In a bizarre turn of events, Kyrie Irving has requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers and is tired of being in Lebron’s shadow. This comes a couple weeks after Kyrie reportedly held a private meeting with the Cavaliers where he made his intentions known to the organization. He listed four teams as preferred landing spots including the Spurs, Twolves, Knicks and the Heat. Jason and Zach take a look at a couple of possible trading partners for the cavaliers, and debate which fit would be perfect for the perennial all star point guard.

Leave your thoughts about where you think Kyrie should be traded to in the comments section below!

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Manny P says:

Who the fuck cares where kyrie WANTS to be traded its about where the cavs SHOULD trade him to get the best deal.. If I'm Cleveland I trade him to Suns for booker and bledsoe and let him go to the suns where he gets to be "the man" and rots his career away. fucking idiot. Ungrateful asf. But then again this the same dude that believes the earth is flat

Atoms Matter says:

If he will learn how to pass the ball then it's good…otherwise ain't carry a team!!! If he would play selfish he ain't gonna go too far and probably will be good only in regular season coz he ain't gonna make it again to the playoffs!!!

Danny Garcia says:

Make a trade with the cans and get Boogie cousins


Miami for sure

Christopher Williams says:

Dame dollar for kyrie straight up

joseph conroy says:

every player that's decent but have no outstanding qualities you will always here high IQ player.

King Bogle says:

Knicks pls, I want him on my team. Kyrie for Melo and maybe French Frank.

Emilio Suarez says:

The Knicks and Nuggets make the most sense for Kyrie to go. Good fit for him. And both teams have something the Cavs want

Black Jesus says:

I don't really see much potential in Josh Jackson. Should've stayed in college.

Metrolicense 47 says:

Mark Gasol and Mike Conley for Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, and Iman Shumpert.

The passing would be crazy with Kevin love and Mark Gasol.

Colin Cnote says:

The cavs signed rose

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