When Referees Ruin The Game / Worst Referee decisions in Football History

When Referees Ruin The Game / Worst Referee decisions in Football History

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jruben 11 says:

Uefelona at its best

Eric Herrera says:

This guy is a hater against Real Madrid

Vicente Heredia says:

I love Madrid but I was pissed that tht game went to shit

Hubert Mazur says:

they're was 2 more major mistakes lewandowski wasn't offside when 1 on 1 and casemiro should of got a red card before he put in some harsh tackels.(NOT FAIR).in my opinion their was 5 major mistakes 2 offside goals Vidal shoudnt get red card but casemiro should and when lewandowski was 1 on 1 the ref called it offside even tho it wasn't its too much mistakes for a champions league match like if you agree

Joseph Condon says:

Almost not alost

Micky Ralph says:

so ur not going to include barca vs psg?

Kyr_Ang3l says:

No era penal

lol lol says:

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid was the worst game I've watched this year. Disgraceful! #RonaldoSucks

Jake benito says:

Bayern got fucked and it pisses me off because refs are always biased for Real and Barca, fucking bullshit Bayern should have won and everybody knows it

Khalid Mohammed says:

alhilal vs westren sydney wanderers just look it uo

Vlad Cosmin says:

2:18 why offside?

Mago Reyes says:

You better shut the fuck up barlos

Exsor Minecraft says:

Croatia vs Brasil world cup 2014?? Freds dive?? you shouldve put that in!!

West Coast Mexican Zantos 80 says:

what about Mexico​ vs Argentina in South Africa 2010 the clear offside of tevez or Mexico vs Cameroon in Brazil 2014 the 2 goals they didn't allow or robens dives in the Mexico vs Netherlands and Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich?????

Enigma Oracle says:

what about more Barcelona

Ivane Gudushauri says:

viktor kassai fuck you mother

Shadowxghostz says:

Barca vs psg

GoalScorer Gaming says:

This is how you know this guys is a Barcelona fan he doesn't show the Barca vs Psg game where it was 2 offside goals and 2 penalties that shouldn't be penalties ??????

Jpanthr says:

Nice job stealing a video from fox soccer, reported. 1:38

MattyANDOllie says:

Don't hate on ronaldo so offside goals he has scored 9 this season that haven't been allowed


2:18 HOW IS THAT OFFSIDE I'm a Bayern fan btw

William Dennis says:

"almost" mate not "alost"

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