When Football Stars Swear On Live Television

When Football Stars Swear On Live Television

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Daniel says:

This comment will get likes for no reason

Sean Moran says:

Watching a frightened/angry Harry Redknapp is amazing

Muhamad Azrin Asat says:

4:38 dat reaction by cahill.. hahaha

GodOfScorpion818 says:

I think joe hart should calm down in the first one

Diensan dominic Tran says:

Lol zlatan is savage

Jabril Mohamed says:

2:35 whats Zlatan's problem..

ManUtdGod 7 says:

who else knew that drogba was going to be on there? lol

Saksham Chhatkuli says:

fabregas ?

Steven Gaming says:

This comment will get likes for no reason

Black German says:

"Be careful with your language" Blah blah… Everyone swears and the kids are gonna learn the bad language anyway.

Moha Nasir says:

I mean football is fucking unbelievable
by cesc

ScOpeZ Mayhem says:

what's the outro song??

Chensterical ! says:

Cesc fabregas's one was so funny

Tommy Faber says:

The least surprising one was Zlatan tbh. U mess with Zlatan and messes U up

Adil Manning says:

Micah had proper Tourette's ?

Ryan Phillips says:

Joe Heart is a vial man!!!

ragii says:

Cahill's reaction when Cesc swore :')

Infinite Souls says:

Lets go O dell!!

Luca says:

Joe Hart's my favorite ?

fredriknordstrom98 says:

that tantrum from joe hart was pathetic

Footy Channel says:

what did Gerrard say?

CHomab Cjabeb says:

Omg Joe Hart

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