What’s in my travel bag? Packing must-haves for fandom cons | @laurenfairwx

What’s in my travel bag? Packing must-haves for fandom cons | @laurenfairwx

I’m heading to Dublin for LeakyCon (a Harry Potter convention!) and I wanted to share some of my must-haves when packing for a trip. Featuring my traveler’s notebook and a duffle bag giveaway!
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To enter to win the Maika duffel bag I mentioned, subscribe to my youtube channel and leave a comment on this video telling me your favorite fandom and/or something you absolutely need to pack when you’re traveling! I’ll pick my favorite comment and contact you via private message on YouTube on or after Monday, September 4th, 2017 (when the giveaway will end). I received the bags for free from Maika, but I haven’t been compensated otherwise: https://www.maikagoods.com/collections/duffel-bags

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Lauren Fairweather says:

I hope you liked this what's in my bag video! To enter to win a Maika duffel bag like the one in the video, subscribe to my youtube channel and leave a comment on this video telling me your favorite fandom and/or something you absolutely need to pack when you're traveling! Read the video description above for more details and links to the things I mentioned in the video. See you in Ireland this week!

Milk tea says:

My favorite fandom would be The craft fandom because it's so fun to learn new thing and talk to people who have your same interests. And for me travel essential is for sure my phone for pictures and emergencies.

MammaMia says:

This summer I was leaving for a long time so I put all my stuff in storage. When I was packing I was really uncertain about what things I should bring for vacation and what should stay in storage. I ended up bringing cough drops and q-tips for no other reason than I didn't think they'd still be good when I came back. Lo and behold I got sick on the plane and the cough drops were a huge help! I'll definitely be bringing some next time I travel. (also my favorite fandom is fandom)

Rachel Turtlebaum says:

My favorite fandom has always been Harry Potter and when travelling I've realized how much I love having emergency pouches filled with whatever I might need. It's nice to have medication or other necessities just in case!

Jessica Skirvin says:

My favorite fandom has to be the nightvale fandom

etwas vonmir says:

i can't go with at least one book to read in, a homemade planner and some veggie snacks. nothing worse than a hungry me ^^

Paige Robbins says:

My favorite fandom would have to be Disney! There is so much to love about it. And my go-to packing item is always some type of face wipe for the plane. My skin gets really annoyed and it is so nice to refresh!

Irina Sarău says:

My all time favourite fandom is Harry Potter but the Mortal Instruments fandom is on a close second

SarahDavisSings says:

If I'm randomly picked for the bag, feel free to pass it on to another random commenter. My convention luggage situation is in great shape, so let someone else get the goodies! Anyhow, to add on to what you've mentioned, I bring a rechargeable battery pack, so that I don't always have to stop at an outlet. Along the lines of food, I bring a bento or other small container with me. If the convention center has food, I can put leftovers inside. At a few cons, we ended up with a refrigerator in the room or a grocery/drug store nearby. So, if possible, my group tends to research for that in advance and get lunch stuff into the room just after we arrive. Then, I carry it with me in the bento (with a cold pack, if necessary).

Happy Handcraft Studio says:

My fandom would be something to do with handcrafts. Maybe Paducah, Kentucky for a quilt conference? I always pack a nice shawl for those air conditioned meeting halls. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about LeakyCon.

Jenna says:

My favorite fandom is Harry Potter
and something I absolutely have to bring when i travel is my phone!

the amount of times that podcasts and music have saved me over the years! (especially in the car going cross country)

Rayne Shadow says:

My travel essential would be my table with downloaded books, audiobooks and movies.

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