What is the Greatest Sports Video Game of All Time?

What is the Greatest Sports Video Game of All Time?

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Spoilter alert: it’s Mario Kart 64. All other sports video games are completely inferior to the balance and stability and perfection that is the go-kart racing masterpiece. Their technically is an argument for Super Smash Bros, but some may not have grown up at the same time as myself (Jason) and are more accustomed to the NBA 2k’s and MLB the Show’s and NHL ’17’s of the world.

Jason Rubin ranks the Top 10 sports video games, then reverts them to the tier system, because tiers are king.

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ALLMIGHT Edwards says:

FIFA 12 is ok but FIFA 14 was begin to be the best sound track

younès Bedja says:

Pes 2006 no doubt

WhatTheFact Eddie says:

Bruh don't sleep on Wii Sports

bitnissan says:

Mario Kart 64 no doubt.

Q says:

Nba street v2
Nba live 05
Nba 2k14

Q says:

Modern or classic??

Jay Andrews says:

fight night round 2

JJCBalak says:

Backyard Baseball

The Sponge Monkey says:

Pablo Sanchez is the greatest Athlete of all time.

The Sponge Monkey says:

I thought NBA 2k17 was considered complete trash by everyone tho.

TehBrackShiip says:

NHL Hitz on GameCube. No contest

Marc Chodos says:

Back yard baseball is the 2nd best game by far after Mario cart no doubt.

yousaypartywesaydie says:

FIFA 98 RTWC, without a doubt

D less says:

MVP baseball 2005

Thaman2x says:

Top 10 games

Elder scrolls skyrim
Elder scrolls oblivion
Call of duty ghosts
Super Mario world
Sonic 2
Nba live 05
Madden 05
Super techmo bowl
Red faction

HoTRap100 says:


Wolf of the Twin Cities says:

Yes Jason Mario Kart is #1 and its not even fucking close.If im losing i can just grab a lightning bolt and take out my homies

XPopCornX says:

mario kart and tony hawk aren´t sports games

Royce Harmon says:

Madden 08 is the best Madden and GTA V is the best video game ever made by far

H8B7L says:

Fifa 98. The Road to WC, indoor football and the intro. Soo good.

B G says:

mvp baseball

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