West Ham hammer Huddersfield 4-1

West Ham hammer Huddersfield 4-1

West Ham and Huddersfield were tied 1-1 going into the second half, but the Hammers scored three unanswered goals to earn a 4-1 win.



Jonathan Rodriguez says:

Chicharito looking for playing time at worse club to worse club after being snubbed at ManU and Real Madrid, now he is snubbed by a rubbish manager at a team that is way below his level. Have to feel for him, records in international play but his last good time playing was during a goal race with Lewandowski. Hope he joins a good club and a starting position soon

Sean James says:

Come on you f**** irons

Sakho 6974 says:


Biodun mahmz says:

1:01 so satisfying!

Francisco Francisco says:

Great game 🙂

racc attac says:

Why the fuck do they bench chicharito

jaidsalgado says:

If chicha played it woulda been 7-1😏😏😏

Matt Jacobs says:

Hey dipstick's your so called fact on NFL bird mascot teams was inaccurate. You forgot to add the Baltimore Ravens into the equation. That needs to go on the record NBC. Correct it.

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