WE MADE IT TO DUBLIN | short travel day

WE MADE IT TO DUBLIN | short travel day

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After hiking the Cliffs of Moher, we drove halfway to Dublin and stopped in Limerick, Ireland to sleep. This morning we got up and drove to our new AirBnb that we LOVE! // We get all of our good vlogging music from Epidemic – get your free trial through our link! https://goo.gl/8Gf2qB


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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started traveling full-time January 10, 2016. While daily vlogging was not the original plan, we were having way too many cool experiences not to share every single day! Now travel vlogging is our full-time gig and we feel like we have the greatest job in the world! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. 🙂

We’ve pulled inspiration from several of our favorite travel vloggers on YouTube, such as: +CaseyNeistat +FunForLouis +Jon Olsson +Mr Ben Brown , and any other talented travel vloggers that YouTube’s algorithm will hopefully connect us with 😉


***TRAVEL VLOG 396*** Music: “Tied Up” (Instrumental version)
“Midwest Diner” from Epidemic Sound https://goo.gl/8Gf2qB



William Osborne says:

Does Kara not like to drive? I don't think I've ever seen a video where she was the driver.

Lauren Christiansen says:

LOL @ Nate…"Do you think people are gonna be mad?" I came across y'all's VLOG earlier this year and have basically binge watched your last 2 years of travel! You've inspired me to do some travel hacking of my own & can't wait to see where you guys go next! Enjoy the nice Air B&B 🙂

Earthly Retreats says:

Starting to think that ALDI must owe you guys some advertising money by now…. LOL

Emilia Claire says:

I loved your cliffs of moher video and this one. As you are in Dublin at the moment I would recommend visiting the Guinesss Brewery if you haven't thought of it already. I would also just like to say well done on all your videos. I have been watching your videos for the past 6 months as I came across them when researching Everest base camp which is where I'm going later this year. For the amount of effort you guys put into your videos you should definitely have thousands more of subscribers. Keep working hard and hopefully we'll be able to see you hit 1 million within the next few months. You definitely deserve it! Hope you enjoy your stay in Ireland! 🇮🇪

Bethaney Davies says:

Kara, why do you have Australian Siri? Lol.

2 Geeks and a Backpack says:

Having a short vlog is okay!! As long as it is to enjoy the day out of the car, and you are working on making more AWESOME vlogs!

lovemuzzic says:

Miranda Lambert is in Dublin (ok random post, makes no sence😂)

Elizabeth Rose says:

Loved the gas station editing. Great job, Kara!

420 rob the 3rd says:

Come over to wales, short ferry ride to either fishguard or pembroke dock, beautiful senery mountains everything 🙂 you will kick yourself if you dont

Gloria Ashline says:

I never knew Aldi stores were in other countries. That shows you how much I don't travel! You two stay safe! Travel in certain countries can be tricky I've heard! Love your vlogs!! 🙂

carly maguire says:

Hey guys!! Watching you for over a year now 😀 and love every vlog!! that aldi you went to is in my home town!! Enjoy the rest of Ireland xx

Coen Wit says:

Haha, it's so funny you guys became Aldi fans. Me and my wife are always joking about how much we love it as well. It's our daily shopping place here in Holland. Enjoy Ireland, looking forward to the next vlogs!

MonToThe Mur says:

Cliff of Mohair. Heh heh.

Danny Danny says:

Viva la Irl!

TheBlebleuu says:

Are you also visiting Northern-Ireland? It is an extra country you can add to your country list 🙂

Just Call Me Annie says:

Love today's vlog & the tips! You guys better get a sponsorship deal from Aldi!

gingerdoll 123 says:

If you can you should travel up north to Belfast and check out the Antrim coast. It's amazing. So happy your enjoying Ireland. Go to kilmainham gaol (jail) for some history and the Guinness brewery tour for some fun.

charlie finch says:

Off to Ireland tomorrow! just hired a car whilst watching this. thanks guys! again 🙂

Christian Lambrey says:

We love you guys, and you have inspired my wife and I to travel more. I hope one day you guys get a show on the travel channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drake Wichers says:

You guys are awesome!

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