Water Paradise Vacation Travel Video Guide

Water Paradise Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Water Paradise.
Tulcea is the last large port on the Danube before the second longest river in Europe meets the Danube Delta. The small Romanian city is subject to increasing tourism as small boat excursions into this nature reserve embark from here. The famous river flows almost three thousand kilometres, through ten European countries, begins in Germany and extends to the south-east of Romania. In Crisan and painted in vivid colours, small fishermen’s huts and guest houses provide overnight accommodation, very cosy and well appointed, the ideal starting point into the region’s amazing labyrinth of thousands of canals and lakes. The Danube Delta is also a paradise for birdlife and acts as a magnet for migratory birds as it is a junction for six migration routes. The Danube flows across this natural paradise to as far as the Black Sea. The pelican is king of the Delta. It gathers within this primordial landscape and forms the largest colony in Europe. The rare, Fire-Bellied Toad is well camouflaged in this habitat. Underwater plants promote the reproduction and growth of numerous animal organisms. The Letea Forest is the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe and the oldest nature reserve in Romania. The strip of forest has grown into the hollows of the long rows of dunes where the ground water is close to the surface and where a rich layer of humus has collected. The Danube Delta is a paradise of water that is a true natural treasure.

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