Was Adam Rippon Robbed By The Olympic Judges? | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

Was Adam Rippon Robbed By The Olympic Judges? | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

Despite a flawless performance, Adam Rippon came in third place in the team figure skating competition. Was he robbed?
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Was Adam Rippon Robbed By The Olympic Judges? | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated



quietman356 123455 says:

Welcome to international competition .

Gerry Maloney says:

Yea I liked my own comment

Gerry Maloney says:

This (turd burglar) got what he deserved xanex head piece of shit don't ever disrespect our GREAT president Donald Trump!!!

Jason James says:

The community changed the rules after a person from Russia got screwed so that's why he lost to people that fell because he was so boring and didn't try anything hard. Maybe he should have concentrated on his sport instead of fighting with pence.

andy taylor says:

So if a skater attempts a quad and fails then he'll still get a higher score over a skater he doesn't a quad? He was robbed.

Dawnelldo2 says:

Yes, I think Adam was robbed.

Randy Porter says:

Someone said Rippon had no class. Well, I disagree. He has a LOT of class..It's just all "low".

Panama Patti says:

got what he deserved

Keto Fong says:

Karma, for attacking VP and POTUS, he deserves last place..TRUMP 2020

Granny Loca says:

What a whiner this guy is.

John Brock says:

He got scored down because he ran his little fwaggot mouth against the President and the Vice President. This will teach you to shut your little peter puffing mouth, you arrogant little twit. no one gives a flying fuek that you are gay, just skate and do your thing. Now you are labeled and will never win anything again. SERVES YOU RIGHT – crying little SJW when no crying should be needed, you people are coddled and catered to, but it is forced upon non believers….. So therefore Fuwk Fwhaggit's all of you.

BIG A says:

Hahahahahahaha. He wasn't gay enough.

HamSquatch Shicklegruber says:

He didnt suck enough dicks to win.

B. W. says:

Karma for disgracing her country

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