VLOG: Updates on Health and Travel Plans

VLOG: Updates on Health and Travel Plans

This vlog is a quick update on my health situation and upcoming travel plans. Many of my viewers have been asking how I am doing after ending up the emergency room last month, so I provide an update in this video. I am also preparing for a cross-country road trip with one of my kids and a couple of grandkids. We will be going home to see family, many of whom I have not seen in nearly two years. It should be a great trip, but pretty busy. I will also be producing a mini-series of videos from that trip.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy this video.

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richard ross says:

Hope everything goes well for you and your mom. On a lighter note, a lot of people are allergic to Wyoming! Just kidding. P.s. Those are some really cute grandkids!!!!

Weekend Loving Gypsy says:

Safe travels

juli tuli says:

Yep it sucks. come back to Az. I think there medical is better. praying for you.

Linda Sue says:

Hi Robert, Make sure you get a second or third opinion on serious matters. My sisters and aunts are nurses…and actually the men served as medical assistants in the wars. I have a medical (workers) family, and they've told me some stories! Thank goodness there's more options now for natural remedies and home care. Most long term drugs hurt the liver, stomach, and colon. Anyway, I wish you, your mom, and your friend Debra well. Keep on camping in nature. Happy trails.

Cali Gal says:

You're a nomad anyway so why not pick a State that expanded Medicaid if you want good health care?

Angela Siegfried says:

Thanks for the update! 🙂 I can attest to the fact that the health care industry is infuriating. Because I didn't have health insurance when I became ill I used the county health clinic that helped to get me in touch with specialists who would see me without insurance and helped with my receiving Medicaid for a short time. Allergies? Argh! It has indeed been a bad summer for them down south too! If sun glasses help more power to you!

Missy B says:

Good luck with the health care system & I hope they get things straightened out for you. Safe travels!

stringbender57 says:

I understand your frustration with the healthcare system. Been there too many times. 😡

Robin England says:

Best wishes on your health issues!

Lisa Russell says:

Your medical records are your property. It's federal law under HIPPA. I suggest getting a copy for yourself & taking them where you need them. And only let institutions make copies of your copy. You won't lose them.

Dan 821 says:

Glad to see you posting again. Hope that you and especially you Mom get better!
Safe journey!

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