I had the incredible chance to be the first filmmaker to ever visit MS-83, a newly discovered exoplanet 34 light years away from Earth, because it was not terraformed yet, you will need a respiratory mask to walk it’s lands.
Breathing MS-83 air could lead to color blindness and the loss of eyebrows hair.
I had the chance to follow a visitor for a hike between the desert and the blue forests of MS-83, it is a fascinating experience that i will never forget.

If you come to this planet, please do not take any living or mineral element with you on your trip back, this planet is classified and need to be protected.


It took almost 1 year and 4 trips around the world to create this new travel destination by mixing footage i shot in :
– Norway
– France
– Portugal
– Spain

The 2 first images in space comes from the Nasa public domaine video library, all the rest of the footage was shot by me.

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Malte Sumpf says:

great photography, but the concept of our own world being so strange to us is even more interesting.

Edward Pollei says:

Just wondering, where do you get your fonts? and what are they called? i really like them

Edward Pollei says:

nice music. Very M83

Illusion Cinema says:

Amazing video!
Just a tip: add a slight fast blur to the planets in the backgrounds to blemd them in more

Stephen Smith says:

So Cool ? That is my home planet!!!

millie williams says:


Marc Tibet says:

super beau!

Rous says:

This is such a cool idea and concept. Great work

malachi cull says:

sick stuff. where was this shot?

timskinnercanada says:

This was really fun. Well done Mathieu. Azores especially looks otherworldly.

Volt International says:

I wish much success for your channel!

Gabor Lehocky says:

Fantastic. Visually stunning. Nice work 🙂

Pedro Miguel Vicente says:

Awesome video. Nice editing. You're doing a very nice work.

Jean-Baptiste Martin says:

Nice video !
Just one remark : the scene with the bridge does not fit well with the virgin place concept of the planet !

YARproduction says:

bro you made it! its a new level!! So happy for you,you deserve something bigg!!

Frollino says:

Amazing work as always

Pawel Chyrowski says:

This is great, Mathieu! A piece of art 🙂

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