VIP Sports Las Vegas Podcast #153

VIP Sports Las Vegas Podcast #153

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Fans of the hit TV show “Money Talks” can now get the inside track on Steve Stevens’ sports picks and sports betting news by tuning into his podcast. The VIP Sports Las Vegas podcast features Steve Stevens in a raw and unfiltered conversation. Steve Stevens’ fans know him as the “Bookie Killer” born and raised in Las Vegas, he’s the #1 sports handicapper in the world. Steve Stevens’ big clients wager amounts larger than most people dream about, and they win more than they lose, that’s the name of the game. Get into the winner’s circle with VIP Sports!



Simplysick408 says:

this is a funny episode lol

Awais Mahmood says:

Please bring back the segment covering general sport news

dennis Horne says:

I keep hearing things !!!

qqq Wilson says:

Skip…….love the show… u don't ask them , you tell them……….you all ain't friends until they hit 20yrs…… a brother, my parents kicked my ass(literary), fear is a good thing…..I'm not the biggest or toughest guy, but I thank them for the ass kicking, I don't start shit but I don't take it….as an adult, getting your ass kicked might hurt ,you'll live………so kick them kids ass,it will toughen them up and they'll love you for it later……….lol

Tony Silva says:

Yo haven't had the chance to leave a comment because I have been watching from my TV but keep up the work guys you guys came a long way on your podcast!! You guys make it fun to watch a podcast on sport betting!!!

upaknotchvideos says:

Steve " Anyway Skip" Stevens

J B says:

These lower level basketball conferences are like penny stocks. Who has heard of any of those teams from those conferences? LOL

Paul Thompson says:

We weren't allowed to stay in the house growing up we couldn't come in till after 5 when dinner was ready

Michael says:

Steve i don't care what color you are. You are a real ass nigga FAIR ENOUGH!

Will Parrillo says:

Shots fired at the lowly college bettors

Rude Jude says:

Rude Mother Fucking Jude In The House.

Demetrius Redd says:

It is kinda amazing how Steve is just chiefing back doing a podcast unfazed that's gangsta

clubx123 says:

"Habit Burger" Get It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clubx123 says:

Hey SS and BigS, been a while because MB or MK sports consulting has been calling me non-stop. They trolled my phone number off youtube comments I posted to your vids. I can't shake these guys.

billa koushik says:

Steve is the best

T- Rob says:

You know I’ve been here since day 1!

Abel Alejandro says:

About to retire from Uncle Sam. 20years. Moving into town this spring. See you guys in the near future 🙌🙌

danny boy says:

Let's get south alabama, belmont, and fuckin rider.. I luv north Kentucky, make $$ and marry my cousin.. Fuck it..

Big AZ Handicapper says:

EAGLES moneyline!! Riding that play all playoffs long baby!!!!

danny boy says:

East tenn cost me the other night.. But they are $$ bro.. Skip, i punched a vikings fan and rode off on a 🐎.. Go BIRDS!!


Pass that blunt Steve 😀

DJ 100Grand says:

💰 💰 💰

vegasboy sevon2 says:

How was your picks last week

David Sherman says:

Been waiting for this all week long!
Keep it up and sooner or later some big network will definitely hire you and Skipper.
Trust me, I can tell.

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