Van Life Update! Wooden Spoons, Native Flutes, and Travel Plans

Van Life Update!  Wooden Spoons, Native Flutes, and Travel Plans

Find Johans Flutes here…

My name is Brian. I live on the road full time in my self built camper van. Join me on my adventures.
Thanks for watching!

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Bobo Rain says:

Bri: we like you man. Do your thing and pay no never mind to us Yahoo's! This is why we watch you. And new found respect por tu when I saw that photo looking lovingly at those huge buds! Hit the delete button. Just sayin'.

halfazzhomesteader says:

Brain i was waiting for you to doing a little tull music

Hangin' Burrito says:

Definitely sounds better with the reverb! Good to see you out there living the life!

Craig Cottingham says:

Wow Brian. As far as touching base with your viewers I feel that you achieve that in every video you do.
As far as demands on you don’t take it to heart just do what you do. Always good viewing..πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

Autumn Hill says:

If you want a whole mesquite you can have a whole tree. Its 25 years old and you can have it without a spoon. I have planted way too many tree and I am having too much trouble keeping up with them and the one I want out is not where I want a tree. You just have too come too Tucson, Az to get it. I cannot afford to have someone too cut it. 100% love that flute would love for you too incorporate it into your videos. I thought that was the most beautiful video in the whole world when you played on that flute. I don't have facebook or anything I am not computer savy so I will just see your reply if your interested. Tell me how too give you an address privately and I will respond.

captnjax says:

Great video again. Brian, why do you carve with green wood?

Cheryl Lamb says:

Brian, is there a preference in tree species? You make your plans for you & we'll just follow along. :^) You haven't lead anyone astray yet. You are an honest, spiritual, kind man ~~ stay that way. Peace!

Mike Gurskiy says:

Brian we've 5 acres near ann arbor michigan with plenty of trees that could be pruned. You are welcome to stop by.

Carl Michael Beadle says:

I've always enjoyed following your adventure, at your pace. Good luck to you

azcactusflower1 says:

Spoon on πŸ™‚

Brian Senft says:

I never respond to channels but you are a good dude , when you head east or when leaving Maine if you go through New Jersey I am in south jersey out on some acres of woods but only 10 miles from Atlantic City or ocean city and I have tons of trees and full hookups . I am in a great spot being in the woods but so close to beaches etc . You are more then welcome to stay as long as you want . I have a four car garage heated and air-conditioned if you need to catch up on some work on your vehicle. Take care north east is awesome and I have backpacked and camped from Maine to Georgia so if you need info I can help. Later !

anna horton says:

You are the best. Love the spoons.

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