this video is a LIFE UPDATE – all about why I’ve moved to Sydney, what I’m doing here, why I left Melbourne, and my future travel plans. I hope this video is everything you’ve dreamed of :*

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Bo Stark says:

Have you been to Brisbane, it's probably my favorite city in Australia of those I have visited.

keepingupwithanni says:

wow – EXACTLY 10.000 subs! congrats!

Heather Rasmussen says:

Always wanted to go to Hawaii! What kind of Fitbit do you have I'm not sure which one to get yet

Modern Odysseus says:

Damn, Amanda, you're so inspiring! We (people) tend to think that in order to travel the world we need a lot of money, years of planing ahead of time and maybe someone to come with us, but watching you and seeing how a person needn't be filthy rich or bat shit crazy in order to do what he/she wants is very uplifting! Love your videos and how down to earth they are!
On the topic of video ideas – how about your favorite fiction and non-fiction books?

Megan Mitchell says:

I can tell you seem more happy lately! 🙂 also your skin looks so healthy and glowy!

hulda2002 says:

what about iceland? Norway, Faroe islands, UK?

Jinaya Dixon says:

Welcome to Sydney, Ananda – so glad you're liking it. It's about to get crazy cold but definetyl not as bad as Melbourne. You seriously need to check out 'Vivid' at the end of this month, basically an epic Festival of Lights – it's amazing 🙂

Anomalous Chloe says:

Wow, so many awesome travel plans! Can't wait to see your upcoming content! ❤

Rikki Gould says:

Yay, you seem so much happier than you did in Melbourne! So glad.
Would love a Sydney vlog or two! Xx

michael jenkins says:

Sydney is a great city so much to do and see , have a great time

khalil k says:

So inspirational Amanda. Please come visit South Africa.

Danica Christin says:

Hawaii sounds awesome!! What are your Top 5 cities? Would love to see a video about that.

car0libus _ says:

Sydney is such an amaaazing place ! Except for the giant spiders ?

ShafeenTV says:

?yay can't wait till you come home. take care sister!??

Tina from Adelaide says:

Hi Amanda, i'm so glad you're loving Sydney, it's such a beautiful city! It sounds like you've found the perfect job for now too! Even though i don't plan to travel long term like you do, i still find you so inspiring! Looking forward to continuing to follow your journey. We say 'Cairns' like 'cans'…maybe we're just lazy!

The Minimalist Ninja says:

This sounds so exciting! Congratulations on moving to Sydney and scoring a job! 😀 Living in new Zealand sounds beautiful, there seems to be such amazing hiking there! 😀

Tiffany Marie says:

I would also be interested in seeing how you work on your website, or what platform you use/how you started it, if that's something you'd like to share!

Tiffany Marie says:

Sounds so exciting!!! So glad you're in a good living space! Excited to see what you're up to in Sydney!!! <3 xo

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