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What’s going on guys! Today we’re going to be unboxing two sneakers from Q4 Sports. They sent over their most popular model, the Millennium Hi and their explosive low top model, the 495 Lo.

Check out Q4 here:

Why Doesn’t John Wall Have a Sneaker Deal?:

Nike KD 10 – First Impressions:

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Miles Franklin says:

Very informational. You know your stuff. 🙂

T Blake says:

Huh never seen Q4 before, cool review man

Grantis1337 says:

4:47 should've used Marshawn lynch "over and over and over "

Jacob Butters says:

These are whack

kostis taxiaropoulos says:

the red ones are like lebrons

Michael Thomas says:

get rid off those circles!

pressed2 says:

Jahronmon always got the dope tees. I gotta find that shirt.

Yash Tripathi says:

495 is also how much Lonzos trash costs

Adam Anito says:


Clarence Magno says:

yo bro. can you make a video of lebron14 agimat for gilas pilipinas basketball team…. appreciate it. tnx man

Clarence Magno says:

yo bro. can you make a video of lebron14 agimat for gilas pilipinas basketball team…. appreciate it. tnx man

Lim Hun 12 says:

I thought that was zo2s yo???

tom benson says:

if youre looking for outdoor basketball sneakers then you should check out k1x anti gravity. i have a pair and holy shit theyre dope af. the traction is rly good altho dust does get caught sometimes but the durability of them is just amazing. ive been wearing those for months and there's ABSOLUTELY no signs of it wearing off

K Truong says:

Why don't you try adidas tennis shoes for outdoor? Their shoes have boost and bounce now so it should perform similar to the basketball ones. I have the barricade bounce, which have the bounce midsole, and I feel they are really comfortable just like the lillard but way more durable since they have a 6-month durability guarantee on the outsole

mcisco9 says:

What are some of the best street court shoes?

Kaharí Guthrie says:

Need Help Paying For A Pair of Basketball Shoes. Mom can't help pay for them. I have 3 siblings so money is tight at the moment. This is not some scam crap. This 100% honesty. I wouldn't want anyone scamming me. I recently stayed on the streets in LA but I moved back to my mom's place. Im trying to play for my local school but I have no shoes to play ball in.
Link is here paypal.me/3mgfam . Thanks!!
My IG: http://www.instagram.com/kahariguthrie

Ethan Lopez says:

"I could always use extra balls"

Tyler Hatch says:

I love the foam exterior heel counter on the hyperdunks, I think it's the 2013s.

Quadruple double with turnovers says:

495? Reminding me of the Zo2s aye

Slacker Slab says:

Anta kt 2 (standard not outdoor version) is an awesome outdoor shoe but since it's Anta no one really knows about it, but you're right, if a company, most likely a bigger one, does decide to make an outdoor shoe (of high quality) it would most likely end up being a top seller because of the great amount of outdoor ballers. Nike made the mentality line and mamba instinct and they sold very well, noticed a lot of basketball players buying it even for indoors because of the additional low price tag. I wish Nike would use xdr in normal color ways for their shoes. You usually have the option to get in Nike ID, but that means you have to pay the extra price tag, who wants to do that? There are some really nice shoes that these companies can make, they're just making them for indoor with softer rubber. I am aware that they probably do it so we go back and keep buying, however if a shoe doesn't last I know a considerable amount of people that just look for other shoes that could last them and might even move away from the brand (not completely of course) for another shoe.

Michael Sanford says:

Fly sneakers overall but I agree with you on the graphics on the 495

Zornato says:


Samuel Torcelino says:

Reminds me of leBron9 haha

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